Year’s End Proves Good For Businesses reports Amidra

Big-box and locally-owned stores alike reap benefits of last-minute shoppers.

San Francisco, CA- With Christmas only a few hours away, many people are still finding reasons to run out and find last-minute gifts from local merchants. Those merchants are simply loving that fact.

Malls and shops have been crammed with buyers for the past week who have been looking for that final gift or stocking-stuffer that will finish off their list. Businesses in the Intercity area were filled with persons and parking lots were full of busy-bodies that looking for offers within the extended hours.

“Crazy is the best word I can use to describe the past week,” said Rita Levanen, sales associate at Think Kitchen and Housewares in Intercity mall.”

“We’ve had to restock shelves several times because so many people have been coming to buy those last-minute items.”

Customers have not taken the time to say much about the reasons for their last-minute shopping. Levanen stated that people like to leave shopping to the last minute, which is good for business.

This year’s top sellers in the last-minute category were pizza stones, pots/pans, dishes, and wine aerators. She stated that holiday-themed items usually sell well during the Boxing Day sales due to people wanting items for next year, and often they believe the deal can be found just before the holiday.

Away from the packed malls are the smaller and often locally-owned businesses that are open to give shoppers more personalized and specialized services.

Mars clothing is one such store, dealing in clothing, accessories, and skin-care products that cater to men. Worker Ian Poole stated that it has been a solid year-end, with customers, both men and women, appreciating the specialty store.

“They like knowing they can come in here and have knowledgeable staff help them pick out products and clothes for the man that wants to look well put together,” he said.

“There are very few stores that are geared to men only. Most stores have products for both men and women, and maybe five per cent of the store is geared towards men.”

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