Xtra Clean: Stop What’s Bugging You

Is there something bugging you?

Let Xtra Clean remove those unwanted pests from your carpet and upholstery.  Servicing the greater Ventura, Santa Barbara and Simi Valley areas since 2003, Xtra Clean is the right company for the job of debugging your life.  

Think of your carpet as a tiny man made forest.  In this forest live predators and parasites who feed on each other, on your carpet and on your family.  Sounds frightening, and if you are one the many Americans who has pests in their carpet you know exactly how difficult they are to remove.  Carpets attract a wide range of insects and pests including but not limited to; dust mites, bed bugs, fleas, head lice, moths and carpet beetles.  According to some studies one in ten carpets are infested with bed bugs. And we all know the dangers of head lice to children, and dust mites to those with less than stellar immune systems.

At Xtra Clean we are here to help rid your home of these invaders.  Our deep steam carpet cleaning is guaranteed to kill more pests and bugs than traditional vacuuming alone, which may leave up to fifteen percent to continue their infestation. Even those do-it-yourself rental machines are incapable of making the steam hot enough to kill and loosen insects from your carpets.  But we don’t stop at carpets alone, these same critters can become imbedded in your upholstered furniture.  Xtra Clean uses the same heated steam technology on your sofas, chairs, and other upholstered pieces to completely debug your house.

Another potentially dangerous and definitely inconvenient, carpet dweller is mold.  Whether caused by water damage or any other contaminating factor, mold can cause serious health issues for your family.  Xtra Clean specializes in clean up from burst pipes, leaky foundations and other causes of soggy carpet.  And with Xtra Clean’s one to two hour drying time guarantee, your house will be smelling better in no time.

Xtra Clean doesn’t overlook the possible unseen bacterial invaders infesting your hard floors either.  Steam technology works just as well on stone floors as it does on carpeted floors and upholstery.  The steam gets deep into the porous surfaces of tile and grout to help remove any lingering pests or debris for an almost sparkling clean.  This is the same technology that hospitals use to cleanse and sanitize their operating and exam rooms.  Xtra Clean is bringing industrial cleaning to your residence.

Bugs, bacteria, and mold will just be a distant nightmare if you hire Xtra Clean today.   You can find us on the internet at XtraClean.net or give us a call at 805-981-1192.  If you are a first time client, you will be given the option to choose between twenty percent off carpet cleaning or a free scotch guard application.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed and your house will be pest free, when you use Xtra Clean.

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For Inquiries, Contact:
Jose Barreda