White Horse Leveraging Expertise In Asia To Provide Workshops In Counterfeit Prevention To Global Businesses

In the Battle against Counterfeit Components, White Horse Laboratories is helping businesses in Asia stay abreast of the latest in prevention standards and strategies.

Shenzhen, China – February 19, 2013 – White Horse Laboratories, a provider of component testing and inspection, packaging, and logistics services, today announced that they had begun providing workshops to industry professionals, specializing in the latest counterfeit prevention strategies. “North America, Europe, and other western markets have a great number of opportunities for counterfeit awareness and prevention training, but there is little to no training on counterfeit risk available to Asian professionals. White Horse’s Client Services team spends roughly 60 percent of their time educating clients on standards, test methods, and other counterfeit countermeasures. White Horse is now hosting a series of seminars and workshops that highlight the key concerns in this area”, said Mark A. Rinehart, Founder of White Horse Labs.

White Horse will offer a series of workshops that specifically focus on counterfeit prevention in the global market. It will include sessions on guarding against bogus electronic parts, preventing counterfeit part installation, the importance of distinguishing aftermarket parts from original parts, and meeting system requirements for all parts. It will specifically cover AS5553, AS6081, and AS9120, and how these quality management standards can, when followed correctly, largely prevent counterfeit parts from entering the supply chain.

Counterfeit prevention training is ideal for those that are concerned with how counterfeit parts can affect the overall quality of their product. The development of strong leaders, and high quality standards, is essential to the success and productivity of any organization. The training provided by White Horse can ensure efficient production systems are in place, and that a well-balanced team is developed. This means that the services provided meet the customer’s needs, that the organization is prepared to handle every situation professionally, and that the final product is of the highest quality.

White Horse offers a wide range of other training courses, which can be held at the White Horse Training Center, or on location at any business’s training facilities. Their professionals will bring everyone up-to-date on quality standards, procedures, processes, material use, equipment, system implementation and more. They will also focus on team building within the employee base to create a cohesive production team. Their workshop series, which covers a wide range of industrial topics of importance, including counterfeit prevention, will completely transform a business’s employees.

Their most recent workshop, held January 21, 2013, included a number of major corporate participants including: AmericaII, Smith & Associates, Convrage, Advanced MP, and Rotacorn. These, and other international and local companies, understand the importance of staying up to date on the very latest in industrial standards and quality assessment technologies, in order to provide the highest level of service and production performance to customers. Seminars like White Horse workshops are also an excellent opportunity to break away from the bustle of corporate life, and spend some time brainstorming and problem solving with peers in the field. Sign up now, while spaces are still available, for White Horse’s next free of charge seminar, to see what their open-forum discussions and keynote speakers have to offer every business in 2013.

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About: Founded in 2004, White Horse Laboratories has stridently focused on providing reliable, intensive component testing and inspection with efficient packaging and logistics. To meet market demand, the company has added quality assurance solutions for complete electronic assemblies as well as a manufacturing support services specializing as a third party QC provider for electronics manufactured in China, aimed specifically at prevention and solutions as opposed to reporting.

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