Vast Majority of Brits Fail Health IQ Test reports I Know

Over 90% failed to answer more than four questions correctly.

San Francisco, CA- Over three-fourths of Britons failed a test that had them choose what foods were healthy and unhealthy.

It appears that most Brits are highly unaware of the levels of salt, sugar, and fats that are hidden within their favorite foods, a survey demonstrated.

Over four out of every five citizens did not realize that supermarket ham and cheese sandwiches had a higher volume of salt when compared to salted fries. Nearly two-thirds did not know that a daily limit of salt is a teaspoon before exceeding healthy doses.

Some of the most shocking findings have exposed wide ignorance when in regards to foods that are healthy, as three-quarters of those surveyed had a low score out of the 2,000 tallied.

Less than 100 managed to answer all of the 12 questions correctly, while 58% of them did not know that fat-free strawberry yogurt had more sugar than a bowl of cornflakes or lightly sugared coffee.

In total, 77% had fewer than half of the questions correct, which put them low on the food scale. Only 10% could answer four questions correctly.

The Department of Health’s Change4Life initiative was the impetus behind the survey, and it found that 84% of the people who were polled wanted to be healthier as a whole.

TV chef Ainsley Harriott, who is the campaign ambassador for Change4Life, stated ‘It’s really important to be aware of what hidden nasties may be in your food,” adding, “There are simple changes you can make which will help: try to prepare food at home, cut down on saturated fat, swap high sugar options for lower ones, watch out for hidden salt in foods and check the label.”

Research has suggested that persons who cut back on their salt intake by as little as 3 grams per day can reduce chances of cardiovascular disease by one quarter.


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