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Experts say dual shot of robots help avoid transmission of bacterial infection

San Francisco, CA- The growing problem involving strains of deadly, drug-resistant bacterial contaminating operating and recovery rooms needed a proper solutions. Now, some experts believe that there may be one in the way of robotic vaporizers, which may help reduce hospital-borne infections.

In order to combat the prevalent thread, two dozen U.S. Hospitals are trying out new robotic, hydrogen-peroxide vaporizers in order to sanitize rooms where infected patients have stayed. A new study has found that the use of such vaporizer’ germ-killing mists have a significant positive effect on the reduction of the infections.

Hospitals are capable of having many types of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This caused a huge concern for recovery rooms, where patients can be at their most vulnerable before a discharge.

The traditional hand-cleaning and mopping of rooms between patients, with continual usage of antibacterial cleansers, seemed to not have enough of an effect according to professor of medicine of the Johns Hopkins University, Trish Perl.

“There are very complicated surfaces with equipment and little nooks and crannies that are hard to clean.  They (the cleaning staff) are given a short period of time to clean rooms and they simply can’t physically get everything clean before the room turns over,” Perl said.

Researchers lead by Perl thus conducted comprehensive studies to discover if there was a reduction in antibiotic-resistant organisms. They utilized several disinfecting methods to see what worked the best.

Perl stated that mobile vaporizers did the best job. The units resembled R2D2, according to Perl, and come equipped with a spray nozzle on their top. “And it spins around the room.  So it turns its head 360 degrees,” Perl said.

The nozzle emits the mist that contains hydrogen peroxide. Because it can be toxic to humans, a second vaporizing robot is brought in to spray a solution which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide into harmless molecules, according to Perl.

“It doesn’t destroy hospital surfaces, including equipment surfaces – things like computers and all this technological stuff you find in buildings,” Perl said.


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