Tio Figures Show Australian ISPs Addressing Customer Complaint Issues Says Compare Broadband

Australian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have responded positively to TIO customer complaint figures over the past 12 months and have enhanced operations to address the problem.

Australian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have responded positively to TIO customer complaint figures over the past 12 months and have enhanced operations to address the problem – so says broadband and ADSL comparison specialist Compare Broadband.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) is Australia’s internet industry regulator and the body has recently reported a drop in complaints about Australian ISPs in the past year.

ISP customers usually tend to take complaints to the TIO when they feel they can no longer get any satisfaction direct from their provider and may require legal intervention or mediation.

The last 3 months of 2011 saw the TIO receive and manage 16,704 less complaints about new subscriptions, down 45 percent on the same period of the previous year.

Total complaints handling was also an area which saw a dramatic reduction in numbers – the largest reduction in TIO monitored statistics in fact. 62 percent fewer subscribers reported complaints to the TIO, something Compare Broadband attributes to an increased commitment to enhanced customer services and management.

Fault-related complaints have dropped noticeably, albeit not quite as dramatically, according to the TIO – down by 33 percent compared to the previous year.

Sarah McDonald, spokesperson for Compare Broadband, commented: “There has in the past been heavy criticism of domestic ISPs, particularly for their levels of clarity and honesty with subscribers. They then made this worse by addressing these broadband plans issues with poor quality customer service. The new figures from the TIO however seem to point to an increased commitment to getting their respective houses in order.”

The latest TIO statistics showed that direct complaints are down, with Club Telco complaints down by 72 percent, Eftel down by 65 percent and iiNet down by 62 percent.

TIO recordings do not permit direct comparison of complaints per service provider, though the figures can be somewhat distorted. Through simply being the biggest ISP for example, Telstra receives the most complaints. Other providers of home internet and wireless broadband services receive many fewer registered complaints.

The third-highest level of direct complaints goes to Vodafone, which is in direct disproportion to its size. The likes of TPG and iiNet are larger but received lower complaints figures.

Compare Broadband believes that Vodafone has addressed many of its problematic issues over the past year following many complaints about dropped calls and slow speeds. The company saw a drop in complaints about its service of 41 percent over the last three months of 2011.


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