Sphinx Looks to Add to Property reports Online Pokies Player

Council Member states that request does not match guidelines.

San Francisco, CA- The Ramia family intends to build 20 boutique suites in order to double its tourist rooms to the North Geelong hotel for the past 41 years.

The strategy includes the condition of gaining approval to introduce four pokie machines in its complex, which could up the number to 67 in total.

The addition is coming before the gaming commission, which will set up a hearing date in the near future.

George Ramia, who stands as director of Dun-Ra Investments, stated that there was simply not enough room in the Geelong for all the visitors, and the city did not offer high enough quality family-sized suites.

He stated that the pokies would take three years off the loan repayments, as well as assist in payment for the proposed expansion.

“The revenue obtained by the additional gaming machines would assist in servicing debt that would need to be incurred as a result of this development,” he says in documents lodged with the commission.

The $2.5 million in work would include the improving of the existing 16 rooms, the outdoor gardens, and an outdoor terrace along with a marquee.

Based upon the per-machine basis at the Sphinx complex is the most popular venue within the city. Ramia stated that the hotel has provided $58,000 in cash to the local sporting and charity groups during the last fiscal year.

The city of Greater Geelong is set to make a official submission on the Sphinx bid, but is not yet clear on the decision if it will support or oppose the increases.

Jan Farrell has been noted as saying that the application has not met the council’s poker-machine guidelines.

“It is in an area that already has a higher density (of pokies) than the average of the municipality, and in an area of socio-economic disadvantage,” Cr Farrell said.

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