Sharetize Helps Charities Raise Money With Innovative Social Media Marketing Platform

A revolutionary new Social Media Platform That Can Be Used as a Marketing Tool.

San Francisco, CA- Sharetize has developed a social media marketing tool that enables charities and non-profit groups to raise money quickly and easily by mobilizing their support base. Charities simply partner with Sharetize by opening a free charity account and all the powerful mobilization tools are ready to go. The charity simply lets their base know about the partnership and asks them to sign up. Once they are signed up they can post any of the available social media campaigns to their social networks and immediately start earning for their cause. It is that simple, never before has raising money been so easy for not only the charity but for their supporters, who can help without having to put out their own dollars.

In the past raising money has been a time, labour and expensive feat. Now with the Sharetize system fund raising can be done quickly, easily and at no expense to the charity. This is a game changer that will help many worthy causes worldwide.

To answer the question “What will the supporters be posting?” Sharetize social media campaigns are not traditional ads, but more items of interest or recommendations. It could be a movie trailer, an upcoming event, a funny video, a recipe, a new restaurant opening or many other items. Users only post what they want, when they want and only as often as they want, they have 100% control.

These organizations could be a football team, a cancer charity, a school or any club. Your local high school football team may need new uniforms and needs to raise money. They would send out a message to their supporters and get them on Sharetize earning money for the team. A few hundred people Sharetizing can earn thousands in just a few weeks.

Sharetize is a powerful fundraising tool that will change how charities raise money.

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About Sharetize:
Sharetize ( provides individuals with a chance to make money will sharing recommendations on his or her social networks through fundraising on social media. Watch the video and read about how easy it is to make money on social media.

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