Senate to Vote on Sports Betting reports NBA Betting

Single-game betting on the docket and could give boost to Windsor casino.

San Francisco, CA- If it comes to pass that single-game betting on sporting events is given the green light by the Senate, it will give Caesars Windsor a large competitive edge over Detroit casinos.

“This would be a great product to help regain the competitive advantage and bring the visitors back across the border,” said Paul Burns, vice-president of the Canadian Gaming Association, which represents organizations like Caesars Windsor.

The Senate will start a debate on Bill C-290 Tuesday. If that bill is able to pass, it will allow persons to bet on single events, which is against the law in Canada, but legal in four U.S. States.

“Canadians are betting on sports right now. They’re betting on single-game sports in very large numbers,” said Burns. “We estimate that $4 billion is being bet offshore through online sports book operations and probably another $10 billion or so bet through organized crime bookie operations,” he said.

The bill has already found its way through the House of Commons with a unanimous vote. Burns stated that the approval of the single-game betting bill will give a needed boost to the Windsor economy.

“The competitive advantages that the Windsor casino had over the years have slowly slipped away. When you see things like changes in smoking laws, parity in the dollar and a thickening of the border,” said Burns.

The MLB, NBA, NHL and the NFL organizations all oppose single-game betting.

“They talk about the integrity of their sport and concern about match-fixing and the like,” said Burns. “And what we’ve said to them is ‘why wouldn’t you want a regulated environment with gaming regulators and operators and helping you protect the integrity of your sport?’”

He went on to state that regulators play an important role in protecting the integrity of sports in areas like Europe, Asia, and Australia.

“They’ve seen it as a quality partnership in other parts of the world. It’s working and we would like it to work here,” said burns.

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