Many Australians Lack Fertility Knowledge reports Female Sterilization Reversal

New study shows many of reproductive age do not understand what effects the process.

San Francisco, CA- In a new survey reported in the Fertility and Sterility publication, most Australians of reproductive age do not understand the factors that influence the basics of fertility.

“The majority of people underestimate by about 10 years the reproductive lifespan of men and women,” says researcher, Dr Karin Hammarberg, of the Jean Hailes Research Unit at Monash University.

The study that she authored shows that many do not know that when a woman’s menstrual cycle is occurring, she is most likely to get pregnant.

It is known that couples are attempting to delay childbearing. Meanwhile, the obesity and smoking rates among many of reproductive age.

Today, nearly 9% of couple have difficulty conceiving, while 35,00 women each year go through IVF treatment in either Australia or New Zealand.

“These are lifestyle factors that would influence the chance of having a baby – the chance of conceiving in the first place – but also the chance of the pregnancy being complication-free and the baby being born healthy,” says Hammarberg.

The current study was carried out with support by Commonwealth-funded Fertility Coalition, which is interested in persons making proper and informed decisions about fertility. The study was geared with unearthing the public’s knowledge of fertility factors in mind.

“It’s the first time anyone has surveyed what people in general know about these things,” says Hammarberg.

The study was conducted with 462 telephone interviews of Australians aged 18-45, each of whom wish to have children now or in the future. Of those individuals, only 1-in-4 correctly identified female fertility as starting to decline before age 35, while 1-in-3 correctly identified that male fertility started to decline before the age of 45.

More than 25% of individuals thought that age had no influence on male fertility, or did not know that whether or not it had any effect at all.

“People were very optimistic about fertility being constant in a man,” says Hammarberg.

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