Luxury Graveyards the Rage in Indonesia reports Rumahku

People shelling out big bucks for resting place with perks.

San Francisco, CA- A new and rather peculiar trend is growing in Indonesia, where one can drop in by helicopter to pay respects, or go for a jog, even eat some pasta after a loved one has passed on, as luxury cemeteries are a growing ‘hot item’.

The Straits Times has reported that the trend of luxurious private ceremonies among the wealthy Indonesians is reaching new heights. The trend dates back to 2007, when the construction of the San Diego Hills Memorial Park too place. The facility included a swimming pool, running track, upscale Italian restaurant, and dedicated helicopter landing pad.

The San Diego Hills Memorial Park is owned by Lippo Group, and is all part of a growing trend in Indonesia, wherein an increasing number of the population find interest in the ever-growing amount of disposable income.

There are other cemeteries that reflect the trend for lavish after-life condolences, such as Taman Giri Tama cemetery, or the Lestari Memorial Garden in Karawang. There is also the Al-Azhar Memorial Garden, wherein a single plot can cost nearly $2,379 monthly fee, compared to the $5 per month fee for a standard plot.

Speaking to The Jakarta Globe, marketing general manager at Lestari Memorial Garden in Karawang, Jeffry Yamin stated, “[P]eople are more open to talking about death. Everyone will die, it’s up to us whether we want to make preparations early [...]Land is getting more scarce and prices keep rising. What if we pass away 10, 20 years from now and our family cannot afford to buy land?”

Rachmat Effendi Achlil director at the Al-Azhar Memorial Garden in an interview with The Strait Times noted, “We are like a property developer [...]“We’re creating certain landscapes, building roads, bridges and houses. These houses, though, are for the afterlife.”


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