India Likely to See Positive Growth in 2013 reports The Real Estate Software

Worries over Euro-Zone and Western markets to help bolster region’s investments.

San Francisco, CA- With the end of the year days away, a look back sees a year of high inflation which lead to a tighter monetary policy. Despite the demand for an easing of the stringent policies, the industry has seen rules and regulations continue to tighten by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The bank was unable to bring down policy rates that would have helped ease the pressures of inflation.

The indications of the inflation rate cooling down is a welcome site, but is likely the result of the central bank infusing more liquidity into the banking system. That move is handled by a cut in the cash reserve ratio (CRR).

The move has been cheered on by the markets, and home loan interest rates began a welcome downward trend as well. This occurred while more tough news of deeper cuts in the rates, which can be expected in the early run of 2013.

Predictions from analyst are of a downward momentum in loan interest rates in the housing market, which causes concern for slowing growth rate.

Interest rates aside, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) option in the multi-brand retail sector is something to be applauded in 2013, as the move will rise demand for commercial retail space. Large-format space will also be developed due to the move, with major retail outlets expected with the FDI opening up.

2013 will be a year of eventful property market moves, with infrastructure of cities and rural areas gaining ground. The Outer Ring Road (ORR) and Metro connectivity projects will be given a boost with progress being seen toward completion for both rental and capital values in the vicinity.

The uncertainty of the Euro-zone and Western markets, the investment possibilities for the area is high. The quality return on investment (ROI) possibilities as well as capital gain will draw potential high-quality investors. That, coupled with property services improving mean that the outlook is positive for the entire region.

In total, 2013 looks to be a promising year for all that have the capital to invest, as well as the areas affected by the investments.

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