How To Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone 4/4S iOS 6 Untethered With UnlockRa1n

New Unlock and Jailbreak for iPhone 4 and 4S running iOS 6

The waiting for an untethreed jailbreak for the latest iOS 6 from Apple it over. The Team Has Released it’s new software to untethred jailbreak iPhone 4 and 4S iOS 6 and unlock iPhone 4/4S iOS 6. The name of the software is UnlockRa1n , and it can be found on the official website

The new version of UnlockRa1n is capable of any baseband unlock wich will allow you iPhone to be used on any GSM network and of performing an untethered jailbreak/unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S iOS 6, it works on most diveces from Apple but not on iPad 2 And iPhone 4S. It allows you to install the Cydia APP on your iPhone and use your phone on any GSM network worldwide.

To get the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak and unlock visit the official website

As far as we know, the untethered jailbreak is most preferable, because it requires no connection to your computer except for the initial jailbreaking process. You can reboot your iOS device as much as you want without having to tether it to your computer to boot.

A jailbreak software uses a loophole in Apple’s signature checking process and injects a certain code that allows unsigned software to be loaded, bypassing the check and balance sequence. While these exploits may exist at any level, the best scenario would be finding an exploit in iBoot, so that the signature check fails right from the booting sequence. The biggest advantage of a bootrom exploit is that it cannot be closed with a new software release – bootrom can only be modified with a hardware revision.

The Team is up to their old tricks with an untethered jailbreak entering for the iPhone 4, iPad and fourth generation iPod touch running iOS 6. The final version of UnlockRa1n uses a new ‘backup method,’ which is referred to as ‘Jailbreaks Monte’ within the program. .

Brave testers who want to join the program to check it on jailbreak and unlock iphone 4/4S iOS 6 untethered will need access to the iOS 6.0 beta 3 firmware for their iDevice of choice, a Mac or a Windows , and have their iOS 6.0 SHSH blobs saved on file with Cydia. If you fulfill the criteria, then head on over to the Team blog and get in on the action. As of writing the UnlockRa1n jailbreak had seen its third update released in rapid succession, bringing UnlockRa1n to 0.6.

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