Florida Politicians Push for Stiff Laws Against Replacement Fraud in State

Frauders taking advantage of laws created to keep drivers safe.

Following reports of unnecessary windshield replacements, along with general insurance fraud associated with such replacements, Senator Jeff Brandes now wishes to have a safety authority to look over how Florida handles such issues.

Senator Brandes has asked the Division of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles to study the state’s zero-deductible replacement law that was put in place to combat fraud of this very type. The essential concern is that companies and individual repair individuals are stating that replacements are necessary to take advantage of the replacement measures previously set in place to ensure the safety of drivers with damaged windshields.

“This is really the first I’ve heard of anything like this coming up,” Brandes said of the 10 News Investigation, which exposed salesmen pushing unnecessary windshield replacements on consumers. “Any time there’s this kind of consumer problem, it’s something the legislature should address.”

The senator is the chairman of the transportation committee, and as such carried some worthwhile political weight in the Capital when it comes to such issues. The bill could easily been route to the governor’s desk in short order.

While the National Crime Insurance Bureau has since indicated that questionable claims have risen by nearly five-times in recent years, arrests have been few and far between for such fraudulent actions.

Republican Representative Mike Fasano wants the consumer-friendly law to stay in-place, but suggests that tougher penalties, along with stronger enforcement application is necessary to curb the general overflow of fraud.

“Then, (unscrupulous salesmen) are aware that if they get caught, they’re going to go to jail for it,” Fasano said.

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