Electronic Cigarette Review Company Releases New Info Graphic on E-cig Market

E-cig market continually increasing

San Francisco, CA- Electronic Cigarette Reviews recently launched a new info-graphic on the growth of e-cigarettes. While electronic cigarettes have been on the market for some time, only now are customers truly reaping the benefits of these digital units.

In fact, electronic cigarettes contain no tar, which helps protect both their bodily and respiratory functions. Since users are only emitting water vapor and mist, there are never any harmful odors as well. Electronic cigarettes are also the cost-effective alternative to traditional cigarette packs too. They are also designed to help smokers quit. Although legally ecigarettes are not able to state they help users quit yet, statistics show 30% of e-cig users have quit smoking entirely in the past year.

The info-graphic showcases a number of vital statistics. This includes the fact that over 81% of individuals cannot make it throughout the day without a cigarette. In the U.S., however, 443,000 deaths per year are attributed to cigarette smoking. An additional 19.3 % of adults in the U.S. continue to smoke despite the Surgeon General’s warnings. As a timely and possibly safe alternative, electronic cigarettes can easily quell those cigarette cravings. They also aim to help reduce nicotine addiction, while still letting smokers feel the sensation of smoking.

In fact, over 57% of electronic cigarette users chose digital units over traditional cigarettes. This was based on cost and financial factors alone. With e-cigs, users do not have to worry about harmful toxins and elements entering the body. They can also prevent cigarette burns to clothes and furniture as well. With multiple flavors available, electronic cigarettes are simply the best way to moderate your habit, or quit it altogether.

About ElectronicCigaretteB.com:

ElectronicCigaretteB.com is committed to helping smokers access the benefits of electronic cigarettes. With fewer chemicals than traditional brands, e-cigs simply continue to soar in global popularity. They are also cost affordable and more convenient than regular cigarettes as well. For more information on electronic cigarettes, please view their newly released infographic here – http://electroniccigaretteb.com/electronic-cigarettes-taking-over-the-cigarette-market/.


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