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New Website Ranks Top Online Dating Sites.

New York, NY – Dating and More knows that it is incredibly difficult for the average person to find true love. There are dozens of dating sites available online, and depending on the site the membership fees can become quite expensive. It can be quite a big decision when trying to select the place that may lead a person to true love. There are commercials, ads, billboards, and many other forms of marketing that advertise at being the best. There are even some sites that will guarantee that every person will find love within a certain time period or their membership is free. Dating and more knows that it can be difficult to try and figure out which dating site will be most likely to provide them with the best opportunity to find love, and that is why they developed the site which will provide the general public with reviews on all of the major dating sites.

The most commonly referred to dating sites are,, and They are all well advertised and extremely easy to locate. They all offer their own specialized process for helping to match up perfect couples. While some of the websites will match up couples, and others will simply offer a place for couples to interact they all seem to have their own setup for how they can help people to connect.

Some of the online dating sites will require a test to be taken. This test can be quite lengthy and is meant to test an individual on all levels in an effort to try and make sure that all matches that are made are done on several levels of personality, interest and goals. The websites do not want to match-up individuals that do not have similar goals for that is not very helpful when someone is looking for longtime love.

Some sites will only match up the most basic of interests when it comes to appearance. A person will fill out a short survey for what they are attracted to, and the site will then make recommended matches based on that survey. These sites are more like forums that encourage individuals to interact with each other. The Dating and More website ( is put together so that a person does not have to use a lot of time and money trying to figure out on their own which site is the best, all someone has to do is simply visit the website and read about it.

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Online-Dating-Sites.Org ( is a free online resource ranking the top online dating sites and informing consumers on which site would work best for them.

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