Control Your Energy Bills With Visual Windows

If your energy bills have begun to get out of hand then the chances are that you need a brand new set of replacement double glazed windows to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency

Is your home fully prepared for imminent energy price rises? Well it needs to be because the energy regulator Ofgem has warned that high energy bills are set to arrive due to an increasing reliance on importing fuel. The average annual household energy bill currently stands at around 1,350 pounds per year though if rumours are to be believed that figure could double in the next few years.

If the threat of a 3,000 pounds per year annual energy bill has been enough to spur you into making your property more energy efficient then you need to utilise the expertise of Visual; expert fitters and installers of double glazing in Halifax, double glazing in Chesterfield and double glazing in Rotherham.

A single glazed window with a thermally inefficient frame is incapable of preventing heat loss, nor will it trap the energy generated by a boiler system. Our double glazed range is designed to eliminate heat loss from the home so that you end up paying less on your energy bills than you would if you were to keep single glazed windows installed. For further energy savings you can even introduce a third pane of glass to your windows courtesy of our triple glazing range.

We have windows that have varying functionalities. The tilt & turn window is ideal for those wanting to clean their windows without stepping outside, whilst the Georgian window features beautifully clean lines that are guaranteed to bring out the best in your home. Not forgetting our coloured window collection for anyone wanting a finish out of the ordinary.

Until you see a contemporary window in the flesh it is difficult to appreciate exactly how they manage to provide superior energy efficiency. A visit to either of Visual’s two showrooms will uncomplicate matters for you and persuade you enough to make the change.

About: Expert providers of superior quality double glazing, triple glazing, conservatories and orangeries.

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