Conservatories For Homes Big And Small At Wessex Windows

Rather than stock one standard sized conservatory, Wessex Windows are able to offer homeowners conservatory designs in varying shapes and sizes to suit.

Mention the word conservatory to most people and they will immediately associate it with the larger traditional designs such as the Edwardian or Victorian style. Whilst these two designs tend to be the most popular option amongst homeowners looking to extend their property, there are similar and more compact designs available.

Wessex Windows stock conservatory designs such as the Lean-to specifically for those living in a bungalow or household with a low-pitched roof who aspire to own a home extension.

The thing about a Lean-to that makes it so perfect for the smaller home is that whilst is has a minimalist design, it still supplies you with a significant amount of useful floor space. It can also bring your home that bit closer to your garden so that you can enjoy the indoors and outdoors at the same time.

One other obvious benefit of purchasing a sleek home extension is that it will cost you less money than one of the more extravagant designs. Despite its lower sale price, it is still likely to add much-needed value to your property which could be invaluable if ever a time comes when you want to sell up and move elsewhere. Whatever its size, a conservatory will still appeal to buyers.

Even if the Lean-to fails to float your boat, why not ask Wessex Windows if we can create you bespoke conservatories in Southampton, conservatories in Farnborough or conservatories in Basingstoke. Our team is highly skilled at creating a custom-built conservatory that meets every homeowner’s satisfactions.

Sit down and put across your requirements. We will then do our best to bring your ideas to life right before your eyes on paper and if given the go-ahead, in reality.

Visit Wessex Windows in Tewkesbury or Winchester to see how we can give you a perfect looking conservatory.

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