Belleville UFO Police Reports Analyzed

Drew Peterson Dam Bar Wisconsin visit

Actress Meg Tilly and Dr. Dan

Belleville Wisconsin’s fame is a gift of the Belleville Police observing and tracking unidentified flying objects – UFO’s. The Dane County Sheriff’s Department has backed and confirmed their brotherhood’s major sighting. Belleville UFO Day will have one more reason to celebrate the event this year as the Teen Comedy Movie “MAY DAY” and a new book, “Analyzing Monsters – Family Cures” (The Drew Book) will both recognize this Alien Friendly Village of 2000 residents. An analysis of police reports will be included in the Book.

Even if you don’t believe in UFO’s you have to believe in the spirit this lucky Village beams up to all who visit. Sergeant Drew Peterson felt the beams when he visited the extraterrestrial friendly Dam Bar in the Park Hotel Apartments on Main Street. It is said that the longer you patronize the bar and look into the sky from the outdoor patio, the better your chances of seeing UFO’s.

Peterson’s encounter will be detailed in “Analyzing Monsters”. Peterson is the media convicted double wife killer Cop garnering worldwide attention. His trial for the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio begins later this month. Another area analysis will be the allegations of former Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Attorney Joseph Sommers. Sommers has documented on his Web site a ‘tip of the iceberg’ documentation that, “area prosecutions and the courts are corrupt”.

He advocates that, “innocents are convicted for sport” and that wrongful and malicious prosecutions often benefit “insiders and well connected Law Firms.” In alien fashion expert witnesses for the prosecution present ‘Sham Science.’ The book can be downloaded later this month for $15. If you would like a bound copy of the 400 plus page therapeutic book with never before seen pictures and insights. An additional $10 (shipping included – US) will have a signed bound copy sent to you.

The movie and book will benefit ACTT – Adolescent Creative Transitional Training and NAAF – the National Association for Affected Families.

If you cannot maintain total abstinence from all mood-altering substances during this Intergalactic week of Sobriety and Serenity remember to journal your progress or lack thereof. Include what makes you serene and why. Please blog or email your experience to me and I may publish it here or in the next volume of “Analyzing Monsters – Family Cures” Thank you for all the support and warm acceptance of this annual event. I will conclude my Paul Harvey in Print, “Rest of the Story” later. The picture in the body of this report highlights the kind past act of legendary actress Meg Tilly. She volunteered her time to help youth at risk when I was on the Board of ACTT. Meg stared in: The Big Chill, Body Snatchers, The Two Jakes, Agnes of God, Psycho II, Fame, Fallen Angels and Impulse to name a few of my favorites. She continues to be a Hero to youth and others.
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Daniel T. Budenz Ph.D. has been licensed as a Psychotherapist, Supervisory Addictions Counselor III, Forensic Therapist and International Addictions Specialist over his 30-year career. He is now advocating worldwide licensing for Internet practice. He is a Consumer Advocate Reporter (with a ‘comedic reporter flair’) fighting for “Family Cures” tm and is President of American Family Institute and it’s growing online products and Online Rehab tm Services. He resides in Madison Wisconsin and Orlando Florida. Dr. Dan has been partner/owner of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Centers including a Specialty Hospital for Impaired Physicians and Professionals in Madison with De Paul Hospital. He is Executive Producer of the Teen Comedy “MAY DAY” 2010 movie release featuring acting greats Geoffrey Lewis and Todd Bridges. He is in final edit of the first volume of what may be the first never ending book “Analyzing Monsters” – “Family Cures”. The book includes his role in the Drew Peterson Case and others. For information on Volume One and other products email or visit:


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