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Have you ever looked at someone and imagine them looking like a walking roasted chicken? Or have you experienced eating too much then sticking your fingers inside your throat to gag it all out? How about – drinking diet pills that make you felt like being punched in your gut? Sounds familiar? Yes, if you are a habitual rollercoaster diet crasher.

Free Trial African Mango Diet

Media Exposure

The images that we see from media showcase beautiful people as well as shun and taunt the ugly, overweight and poor people often result to a social stigma that we oftentimes apply to ourselves. As they say, we are our own harshest critic.

Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I have been guilty of attaching the same stigma that society puts on some people. I have known people who are so desperate to look good that they have not anticipated the cost to themselves. Growing up with a beautiful sister that has everything, having a famous good-looking brother might sound cliché; however, these situations can happen to just about anyone.

African Mango Diet For Weight Loss Free Trial

Effects of Media

Because media often look approvingly at good-looking people who have six-pack abs and promoting skinny looking people, people develop poor self-images and often become depressed. One way of coping with the depression is to eat more as eating release endorphins. Also called “Happy hormone,” endorphins make one feel a sense of happiness. This eventually led to overeating.

Extended working time, modern technology as well as stressful lifestyle also lessens a person’s physical activities thus leading to obesity.

Health Complications

Because overeating and physical inactivity often lead to low metabolism level, fats are broken down at a slower rate thus the body stores the excess fat in certain parts of our body like thighs, arms, butt as well as in our tummy. Belly fats are a good sign of health problems like heart attacks and high blood pressure. Being obese or overweight might also lead to diabetes, which is a life long illness that is costly and expensive with insulin shots needed at regular interval.

Lifestyle Change

However, a solution would and could help obese and overweight people in the form of natural dietary supplements. With the advent of technology, modern medicine now enables people to change their old lifestyle gradually without side effects. Modern technology enables a more accurate as well as more intense and in-depth studies of raw materials as potential weight loss component. These materials or ingredients are tested inside research facilities and laboratories to make sure that findings are factual and accurate.

Natural and Organic Weight Loss Supplements

One such organic weight loss supplement that is making waves in the health industry is the one made from the seed extracts of the African mangoes. The fruit is a native of the rainforest in Cameroon and Nigeria in Africa. The locals know of the medicinal properties of the mango fruit tree as it helps cure dysentery as well as yellow fever and other skin problems.

African Mango Diet For Weight Loss Free Trial

Pure African mangoes dietary supplements act as natural appetite suppressor that diminishes the feeling of hunger by suppressing Leptin in the body. Leptin is responsible for sending brain waves that signal hunger. Adinopectin, meanwhile, is increased in African mango pill takers. Adinopectin increases metabolism level, which boost breakdown of fat cells in the body.

Clinical research done under the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon reveals the weight loss properties of the mango fruit as test subjects who underwent two weeks of trials resulted in a considerable decrease of LDL levels of the human volunteers taking the pills.

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