100% Free Background Check – Criminal Background Check 2012

The number of people looking to conduct a 100% free background check has increased dramatically over the past few years. While these searches used to be extremely complicated and costly, now days anyone can conduct a low-cost or even 100% free background check on someone very easily. In this article we will discuss the benefits of both free resources and paid services to dig up dirt on employees, renters, neighbors, spouses and anyone else you can think of.

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The bare bones truth about 100% free background checks…

If you think conducting a no cost search on someone is as easy as Googleing, “100% free background check” then you are in for a BIG wake up call. While you will find several services that claim to provide vital information for free, you will soon find out there is always a price tag at the end of the process.

The truth is that if you want to conduct a 100% free background check, there isn’t a REAL “for profit” company that is going to help you out. You are going to have to become a bit of a detective and do some investigating yourself.

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What kind of info can you “dig up” on someone doing your own 100% free background check?

Now that we established that you are on your own during this process, its time to get to work. While you aren’t going to have access to the records the big companies and investigators do, you can use person search engines, Google and social networking websites to dig up information on a person.

The first way to do this is to Google a person’s name using parenthesis around the data so you get exact results. For example, if I’m conducting a search for a John Doe I would type it into Google as “John Doe”. You can also pin point your search more by adding a city or state after the name; ie. “John Doe” Florida.

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Conducting an in-depth Google search like this will let you know if this person has posted anything online or if other people have posted stuff online about them. I’ve found out several interesting facts about potential business associates using this technique and it works great as a first step in the 100% free investigative process.

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