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2012 Health Insurance Industry and Market Report Now Available From Research and Markets

San Francisco, California – The 2012 Worldwide Health & Medical Insurance Carriers Industry – Industry & Market Report is now available according to Research and Markets. This report not only includes the findings and reports for the 2012 year in regards to the Health and Medical Insurance industry, but it also includes the 2013 prospective numbers.

There are several countries that are considered in the 2012 report. They consist of the top 47 largest countries in the world such as the United States, Japan, China, India, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom just to name a few. The report will announce the prospective numbers of the 2013 year for all of the countries, and will also include a 5-year trend throughout the healthcare industry.

There are many types of insurance that is considered in the 2012 report. These items include HMO, PPO, group plans, dental, and several other versions of medical insurance. The medical insurance industry has grown quite dramatically over the years, but with the chance of socialized medical insurance to be presented in places like the United States there could be a big change on the horizon for the health and medical insurance industry. Many countries already offer this style of insurance such as Canada and many countries in Europe which changes the entire dynamic of the health insurance industry for those countries.

The report will take a look at the Health & Medical Insurance industry as a whole. It will report on the amount of policies that are currently held, the amount of money that is being spent each year in the industry, the types of health insurance that is being used and in which countries that they are being used. The report is meant to show all of the aspects of the healthcare insurance, so that people can easily understand the statistics and the demographics that are associated with healthcare insurance.

The healthcare industry has become quite a large industry over the years with billions of dollars being spent on just medical insurance alone. The 2012 is an important simply for the fact that healthcare varies greatly from country to country, and the report helps to show if the money that is allocated for healthcare is being used properly and to the best interest of the parties involved.

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