How Your iPhone or Android Device Can Improve Accuracy During Your Golf Game


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Brussels, Belgium (June 10, 2014) – INDICE+ S.A. announces the immediate availability of Mobile Golf Tempo v1.5, its golfing app for Android and now also for iOS. The updated app is an effective and easy way for the tempo of the pros to take root in the swing of any golfer, and by … [Read more...]

Seiko perpetual calendar watch

Calendar watches were introduced first time in the 16th century but their display of the time, days, dates and months were not too accurate. Neither they could mark Feb 29th separately on their own or decide between the 30th and the 31st. Correcting the date at least five times a year is not what you buy the … [Read more...]

Betting Market as League Predictor for NBA and NFL

San Francisco, CA -- The sports betting market is unmatched in its ability to predict the future. Those who attempt to use opinion, the talking heads on the various sports channels, and better than many who believe they understand how the game works. A bettor is able to pick the sports or games wherein his … [Read more...]

Near-Lock Bets to Make for NFL Over/Unders

Anyone interested in any level of sports betting ought know the safe way to invest in the process. Usually that means being well-informed on over/unders when it comes to the NFL and the 2013 season. There are some major teams to pay attention to for what  could be sure locks in the upcoming season. The … [Read more...]

Rams Receive Little Love from Oddsmakers

The St. Louis Rams were able to cultivate just a tad more respect when Jeff Fisher led the team. The oft woeful group went from 2-14 in 2011 to an improved 7-8-1 a year later. They even were able to best the competition in the NFC West in head-to-head competition. The Rams have now made some progress in … [Read more...]

The Trend Is Up In NFL Scoring

Football season is almost here and if you are betting in the office pool keep one thing in mind – the trend is up. The casual bettor is more likely to bet on the over than the under when it comes to NFL totals. After all the average football fan shows greater interest in high scoring games than low scoring … [Read more...]

MMA Goes Down for the Count in NY

After a closed-door meeting Tuesday, the New York State Assembly once again knocked down a bill to legalize mixed martial arts in New York State. This was in spite of a study showing the potentially huge positive economic impact in cities such as Rochester. Speaker Sheldon Silver made the announcement in a … [Read more...]

Ray Sefo: Owner and fighter preparing to deal business and pain

The Hard Rock Cafe hotel theater was packed on a recent Friday. Owner of the W Series of Fighting owner Ray Sefo could not be happier with the crowd. His company was putting on its third down, and all seemed interested in a former fighter and now owner, Sefo as he greeted all at the event. Just a couple … [Read more...]

Company Looks to Prove Women Can Benefit from Product

The MYOS corporations has been looking for ways to expand their application of muscle-growth supplements for some time. They have sought to expand the use of their products based on fertilized hens eggs with a new clinical trial that will aim to investigate the product's use among the female … [Read more...]

More Models Leaving the Fashion Industry to Pursue God

Young, Christian women often feel like they have to compromise some of their faith and beliefs in order to make it in the industry, and it’s starting to break them to the point that they leave the fashion industry and stick to their convictions. Nicole Weider is one of those models, who began her career … [Read more...]