Easter Sunday Bible Miniseries Drums Up Limited Controversy

San Francisco, CA- The Bible miniseries concluded Easter Sunday with a conventional and less-than controversial Passion story, which somehow still spurred some controversy.  The Passion has, through the generations, given Americans a chance to see the final moments of Jesus. While there was a twitter-storm … [Read more...]

Artists Makes Orchestra Based Upon Astrological Positioning of Her Birth reports Insightful Psychics

San Francisco, CA- If astrology is a method of spirituality to be believed, our personality traits then have been determined by the positions of the planets at the time of our birth. Artists Katie Grinnan recently created a way to bring the concept to life with cultures and music. Grinnan created nine … [Read more...]

Three Religions Embrace Technology to keep up with Modern Times reports RenewedVision.com

San Francisco, CA- As people are generally relying more on technology, religious institutions are trending toward following suit. Some of the top ministers and religious figures, such as Minister Joel Osteen, The Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan, and the Mormon Church are accepting and including technology … [Read more...]

Indonesia in the clutches of Wahabi

Indonesian Islamic State is no illusion. State’s philosophy, Pancasila, and motto Bhineka Tunggal Ika--appearing as many but essentially one, have been kicked out by hard-lined groups. The country has fallen into Wahabi fold. In the epilogue of “Ilusi Negara Islam” (INI)—Illusive Islamic State, A. Mustofa … [Read more...]

Are Gay Rights More Important Than Religious Freedom?

FEB. 24, 2012  (Kensington, MD) – The Obama administration has issued a tepid statement on the death sentence confirmed by an Iranian court on Wednesday against an Iranian pastor, Yousef Nadarkhani, who has been imprisoned for 855 days for no other reason than his faith.“I am appalled by the … [Read more...]

Honoring God Through The Daniel Fast

Utica, Michigan, Februray 11, 2012 - The Daniel Fast is being done by thousands of Christians and non-Christians in this new year. Terrance Day is the author of the new Ebook Honoring God Through The Daniel Fast" with recipes that follow the guidelines of the fast. In his Ebook he writes "The Daniel Fast is … [Read more...]

The Energy Team Greens South Jersey Church

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What If There Were A Charity Event That Truly Benefited Everyone In Need?

Finally, an event that benefits all. What’s the name?Benefitall, The Gifting Experience, and it’s looking for business and charitable participants as well as talent to share their gifts"  at its first annual event, December 17th, 2011, in the Angel Stadium of Anaheim parking lot. This call … [Read more...]

Christian Owned Nexus Media Management Nominated For Philanthropic Award

StayClassy, the leader in social fundraising for Nonprofits, announced that Nexus Media Management, a Christian owned company as a Finalists for Philanthropic Small Businesses of the Year.Nexus has been supporting the work of Christian Author Steven Stiles who has written several books that serve the … [Read more...]

Christian’s Guide To Dealing With Addiction – Thorns In The Heart

Thorns in the Heart is relevant to anyone who experiences addiction and pain. For most people they are easier to bury or ignore than deal with. Yet, it's only a matter of time before many of the things we run from must be faced. But how? In Thorns in the Heart, Dr. Steven Stiles cites actual cases to expose … [Read more...]