Buy and Sell Real Estate in Belize with RE/MAX – Belize property center

Choose from over a thousand national property locations panned in countries covered regional languages. The site includes prime overseas apartments, independent houses and Resort apartments to suit in every taste. Be it the real estate of the Belize, Central America location, the Belize property site will … [Read more...]

“Smart Spaces’’ launches their first smart project – “No Frills” homes

Smart Spaces, one of the housing initiatives promoted by Damden Properties, launches its first initiative of “No Frills Homes” in Bangalore, targeted at young Indians and first time home buyers. The phenomenon enables eligible first time buyers to purchase good homes within their capacity and aims to provide … [Read more...]

City Planners Looking to Add Hundreds of Units of Housing In Next Year

Atlanta, GA -- A slew of questions regarding a study that focused on a proposed 400-unit residential development and its related density and traffic was tabled in late June by the Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission. Knotty Pine has been described as “something Fayetteville has never before seen” … [Read more...]

Multi-family Buildings Are Booming

According to at least one real estate agent in the Macon, Georgia area, the real estate market in the multifamily sector is booming. The housing crisis and the following recession have sent single-family home values and sales into a tailspin. Most areas of the country are still trying to recover from the … [Read more...]

Chinese are Largest Foreign Buyers in Australian Residential Market

NSW, Australia -- Chinese-based buyers have spent a total of $5.4 billion on Australian residential property in 2013 alone, according to, a Chinese property portal. This is a 25% increase from 2011 when Chinese buyers purchased $4 billion worth of Australian property. Co-CEO of, … [Read more...]

Increase in Jobs in Real Estate Sector

The latest data concerning mortgage jobs was sluggish and showed falling employment in the sector. However, employment expanded across all industries, which drove up already high rates. Preliminary government data indicates that there were more than 292,000 people employed during May in the mortgage … [Read more...]

New Type of Borrower Emerging From the Housing Meltdown

San Francisco, CA- A recent study has proven that people who buy energy-efficient homes are much less of a credit risk than the average buyer is. The study was funded by the Institute for Market Transformation, a not for profit environmental group, and conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel … [Read more...]

Economic Researchers Find Out Cost of No-Shows

San Francisco, CA- It likely is no surprise that no-shows for reserved seats is frustrating for chefs. But there is a financial reason to support the frustration of the cooks and restaurant. A new study from Wharton School of economics is showing just how much of a hassle the no-shows are for chefs. The … [Read more...]

Study: Insurance Brokers See Growth from New, Emerging Markets

San Francisco, CA- A survey analyzed by Finaccord Ltd., a London-based Financial services consultant concluded that insurance brokers will start seeing an increase in their share of their revenue from new markets emerging into the business world. The company estimated that nonlife insurance broking revenue … [Read more...]

Study Says Young Adults Not Holding Back on Buying First Homes

San Francisco, CA- In an October 2011 blog post titled “Next Generation Less Confident About Home Ownership”, Miceal Derby claimed the younger people were when the housing market crashed, they more freaked out they were about buying a house. In February of 2012, The Atlantic journalist Derek Thompson in “The … [Read more...]