Matthew Rice, A.K.A. Enur Requiem’s Music Is An Artistic Expression Of Deep Emotional Content

The music of Enur Requiem is simple yet complex; pre-engineered yet natural-sounding; a variety of seemingly contradictory elements all at once. Perhaps this is because multi-instrumentalist Matthew Rice understands music theory and fundamentals, but writes lyrics devoid of any ambiguity. Rice uses basic … [Read more...]

New album «Spasibo, serdce!»(«Thank you, my heart!») by Vitaliy Kochetkov is Now Available on iTunes

World's most famous music store iTunes added a new album “Spasibo, serdce!” (“Thank you, my heart!”)new album “Spasibo, serdce!” (“Thank you, my heart!”) by Vitaly Kochetkoff to its library. Vitaliy Kochetkov’s albums “Spasibo, serdce!” (“Thank you, my heart!”), “So mnoyu lyubov” (“Love is with me”) are also … [Read more...]

Producer Ricky Kej, Hollywood Music in Media Award Nominee, Added To Grammy® Ballot For BEST ALBUM: NEW AGE Consideration.

Sit down and chat with artist, composer, producer Ricky Kej, and within minutes you will conclude that he is one of those people who were simply born to make music. Throughout his international upbringing, from his birthplace in the U.S. to his boyhood and schooling in India, he felt a strong need to create … [Read more...]

Analyst Says Apple Owns 75% of Music Market

According the Asymco analyst Horace Dediu, iTunes accounts for over three -quarters of the total digital music market, with a $6.9 billion a year market control tally. He notes that the Apple company has substantially exceeded even his own expectations when it comes to video sales. The company now totals 380 … [Read more...]

Study Find Music Therapy can Reduce the Need for Sedatives

The Ohio State University medical study focused on patients hospitalized in intensive care units on mechanical ventilators. Another music therapy study is being done at St. Louis University Cancer Center for patients with cancer who are receiving chemotherapy treatments, radiation therapy, and are recovering … [Read more...]

Berkeley Says Human Emotions Match Colors to Music

According to the research, Mozart’s perky Flute Concerto No. 1 in G major is most often associated with yellow and orange, bright hues, while his lonely Requiem in D minor is more likely to be linked to dark, bluish gray, a depressing color. Vision scientist Stephen Palmer and a team of researchers … [Read more...]

Annual Survey Shows Americans Need a Holiday Every 11 Months

In a new survey released, it appears that women head out on vacation more often than men. According to the numbers, women vacation every 10 months, while men find their way to holiday only once per 12 full months, according to the annual travelers survey conducted by Spring Hill Suites hotel. The survey … [Read more...]

Virginia Opera to present Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro’

Virginia Opera, The Official Opera Company of the Commonwealth of Virginia, presents Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s comic masterpiece ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ as its final mainstage opera of the season. The four-act score contains some of opera’s most famous melodies and characters. This production features … [Read more...]

Virginia Opera announces Arias and Duets Spring Concert Series

Virginia Opera, The Official Opera Company of the Commonwealth of Virginia, will offer free recitals as part of its Arias and Duets series in Williamsburg, Newport News and Fairfax, Va. The recitals, hailed as “delightful” by The Washington Times, will feature Virginia Opera Mainstage and Emerging Artists … [Read more...]

Virginia Opera Announces its 2013-14 Season

January 17, 2013 – Virginia Opera, The Official Opera Company of the Commonwealth of Virginia, announces its 2013-14 Season that features four, brand-new mainstage productions and two Special Engagement productions that span comedy, drama, farce and grand opera. The Company’s 39th Subscription Season will … [Read more...]