Top 10 Tips for Finding Best SEO Service Provider

Top 10 Tips for Finding Best SEO Service Provider An online search using any of the search engines will reveal thousands of SEO Service Providers and experts – many of them self-styled with zero knowledge and experience. How then does one separate the men from the boys? Here are 10 tips to help you find … [Read more...]

PC Speak: An Abney and Associates Internet and Technology Research Lab

Tomorrow, April 15, is tax deadline day. As tax filers get busy trying to beat the deadline for filing their returns and submitting their documentation, cybercriminals will also work in a rush online, plying their nefarious phishing scams and stealing personal information. An official warning from the … [Read more...]

Web Application Development in Orlando

What if your web application developer was based in Orlando itself? Wouldn’t it be nice if their offices were located somewhere near your own? Presenting a Web Application Developer based in Orlando, USA! First off, let us check out what constitutes a web application development: A web application … [Read more...]

Websites take on a new Avatar

It wasn’t so long ago when websites used to be no more than a couple of pages with some gaudy background colour, a few American flags fluttering at random and a few products dumped on the homepage in a list. At the bottom would be the contact address. At best, there would be another page with some details … [Read more...]

Orlando get a New Web and Mobile App Services Provider

EPHP Solutions CEO Vikas Gupta has announced the extension of Website, Web Marketing and Mobile App services to the Orlando region. Aimed at businesses in and around Orlando and powered by their custom web address, EPHP Solutions is all set to revolutionize … [Read more...]

Russian Startup Project, Megadjinn, to Fight for Place in the Sun among eBay, Taobao and Allegro

New International Multiportal offers Global Users Online Auction Platform with 9 New Global Services. Russian online multiportal Megadjinn has launched its online auction and global trade services for buying and selling goods worldwide. Megadjinn offers 9 global services including Auctions, … [Read more...]

Social Sky of a Million Stars Project will Make the Star-fall

Young Almaty student Lev Gilyov has launched the Social Sky of a Million Stars online project On his new website author offers to buy a star and to take part in the future mass wish making. The project is a giant virtual stellar sky available for travelling from side to … [Read more...]

Know How Hotmail Are The Leaders in Web-Based Email Services

hotmail1 elaborates the history and journey of Hotmai, the free web based email service. Those who view this video will come to know that Hotmail was founded during 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. It was originally stylized as HoTMaiL. It was in California that the … [Read more...]

Software Intecracy, the UK IT Company, Presented Its PLAVVY platform — a New Platform for High-Performance Business Applications

HOUSTON, TX, Jan. 24, 2014 - The Software Intecracy company has organised a presentation of the revolutionary PLAVVY software platform for rapid web-based application development at the office of the Volia Software U.S. IT services company located in Houston (TX). PLAVVY platform supports the full development … [Read more...]

Brandheart on Creating Seductive Customer Service

In living history we have never had greater technological connectivity. Yet why is it then that people, specifically customers, have never been more disconnected? One key manifestation is the shift in the customer purchasing process. The selling cycle has changed, in fact, at Brandheart we think it's … [Read more...]