Brandheart on Creating Seductive Customer Service

In living history we have never had greater technological connectivity. Yet why is it then that people, specifically customers, have never been more disconnected? One key manifestation is the shift in the customer purchasing process. The selling cycle has changed, in fact, at Brandheart we think it's … [Read more...]

Web based medical practice management software

Gensolve Practice Manager is the leading cloud based practice and patient management software for Allied Health Professionals. Avoid the expense and inconvenience of maintaining your own servers and backups when your data is hosted by Gensolve securely and reliably in the cloud. This convenience allows you … [Read more...]

Streamberry Releases Infograph on the Evolution of Chatting

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San Francisco, CA- It’s been over 20 years since AOL first made its debut. Now in 2013, communication has made many strides toward advances since the dial up days. But if we consider AOL to be prehistoric, what would it have been like when communication was made simply using smoke signals? According to the … [Read more...]

ChatRandom Releases Infograph on the Prevalence of Social Networking

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San Francisco, CA- According to the infograph, titled “Are You a Social Networking Butterfly”, 67 percent of all online adults use social networking websites. Of all adults that use the internet regularly, 91 percent of them use social networking. 98 percent of them are adults between the ages of 18 and … [Read more...]

Funyo Releases New Infograph ‘Dominance in the World of Social Media’

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San Francisco, CA-, a new free webcam and chat social network just published an infograph on social media and the impact it has on users and businesses alike. The comprehensive infograph is packed with information about who uses what types social media networks and what they use them … [Read more...]

ChatrouletteSites Publishes New Infograph on Chatroulette Statistics

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San Francisco, CA- ChatrouletteSites recently released an informative infograph that shows who uses chatroulette, how old they are and what is most likely to be encountered during spins. Chatroulette is an online chat website that randomly pairs users from around the world for webcam based … [Read more...]

UK Catalogues Online: What is Britain’s Love Affair with Online Shopping?

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England, UK- UK Catalogues Online recently released a new infograph that outlines the relationship between Britons and online shopping. According to The Telegraph, Britain is the biggest online shopping nation in the developed world, with almost two-thirds of the populations using the internet to … [Read more...]

New Infograph Design Released On the Trending Wonders of WordPress

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England, UK- Wordpress Hosting recently launched a new infographic on the trending wonders of Wordpress. With insightful information and statistics, this informative piece is a must for any new or existing Wordpress user. According to the infographic, Word Press is utilized by 56.3% of all content management … [Read more...]

India Looks to Make Viewing Pornography Illegal

After the Supreme Court sought to ban pornography on the internet, the internet became abuzz with comments regarding the infringement of rights. The high court is now seeking to make the mere viewing of pornography a non-bailable offense. According to subsequent media reports, the court has asked the … [Read more...]

Study Finds Social Networks Can Help Predict if Content Will Be Read

San Francisco, CA- SurveyMonkey has conducted a new survey that shows the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ proves to significantly impact the chances that content will be read. The survey took into account 629 participants, of which over 370 were given a survey asking how likely they were to … [Read more...]