Don’t Even Think of Hiring a Fencing Contractor

A fence is an asset that graces your home, adds value to your property and provides the necessary security barriers to your home. Naturally, you want one sturdy enough to last and ornamental enough to enhance the beauty of your space, and a high quality fence installed professionally can give you just … [Read more...]

A Wide Range of Aluminium Fencing Options to Grace your Space

The fencing design you choose for your home reflects your personality and the security facets of your home. Whether you want to establish safe boundaries with a fence, shield your yard, create the ambience of a beautiful garden, give you the feeling of “your world away from the world”, stop your pet from … [Read more...]

What are Roller Blinds? And Uses

For the uninitiated, a roller blind is a flexible window shade. It is made flexible because its main component is fabric or vinyl material that is wrapped around a long drum within a housing that sits on top of the window. The fabric hangs down and covers the window. At the bottom, the fabric is attached to a … [Read more...]

Alumitec announces its expansion into the Aluminium Balustrading market

Alumitec announced today that its Australian Aluminium Distributor division is entering the Balustrade market with some very stylish and market leading systems. Their head of marketing Tim Flannery today announced the NEW Balustrade safety system called Alumi Rail. who has just entered into an agreement to … [Read more...]

Sunscreen Blinds – For Absolute UV, Light and Privacy Protection

As the name suggests, a sunscreen blind protects the inside of your home from harmful UV rays of the sun. If the Ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun fall on fabric or polished wood or any coloured surface, it will cause the colour to fade. Polished wood especially glazed wood will crack due the intensity of the … [Read more...]

Bridgeport Restoration Releases Infograph on Home Remodeling During the Summer

PR to submit 77 infographics

Portland, OR- Bridgeport Restoration just released an exciting new infograph for homeowners, showing that the real estate market it is heating up, and so are home renovations and remodels. In a new survey, Over half (53 percent) of people believe now is a great time to start remodeling again, and 58 percent … [Read more...]

43-Loft Building Ready for Tenants in Uptown Pittsburgh

ACTION-Housing bought the building in October of 2011 to renovate and house Uptown workers and people with disabilities. Eighteen of the 43 lofts will be reserved for the deaf blind and people with limited physical mobility. The tenants are eligible for occupancy if they make less than 60 percent of the … [Read more...]

Timaru Chimney Sweeps Encourage Homeowners to Buy Dry Firewood

Timaru has been suffering a particularly smoky winter, with 18 recorded nights that have exceeded the recommended health standard. This could be caused by homeowners burning wet firewood in their chimneys instead of buying dry wood. “Al” of Al’s Chimney Sweeps said he was so busy that he was still two to … [Read more...]

Australia Revises Wind-Reinforced Garage Door Standards

The National Construction Code for wind-reinforced garage doors and windows and doors has been changed and revised, requiring all new buildings built in cyclone-prone areas of Northern Australia to use wind-resistant garage doors. These recent changes to the Code and Australian Standards apply to new … [Read more...]

Residents Urged to Keep Doors and Windows Locked or Secured During Summer Months

San Francisco, CA -- Residents have been warned regarding the potential threat to windows and doors during the warmer weather. According to the police, summer months often see a rise in burglary due to windows and doors being left open to help with heat. The police will be on regular patrol of … [Read more...]