VIP Surrogacy Treatment in India

VIP surrogacy treatment in India is offered keeping in mind foreign nationals who seek to commission surrogacy. While surrogacy treatment in India is affordable coupled with a friendly legal environment, it can still be a daunting task. The "Very Important Patient" or 'VIP' tag helps to ease some of the … [Read more...]

Need an experienced clinical trials marketing agency? Try Clinical List America

If you have had the opportunity to organize and implement clinical trial recruitment drives then you know for a fact that it is difficult to determine their trajectory of success. Why is this? Because nature has it that these recruitment endeavors are set to fail from the start; it is much easier predicting … [Read more...]

Medical Mobility Shop Introduces New Mobility Product on its Website, the New Drive Medical Steerable Walker, Model 796

Medical Mobility Shop, a leading distributor of mobility products, introduces its newly added product on its website, the new Drive Medical Steerable Walker, Model 796. Model 796 steerable walker has been added by the company to its product listings last January 2014 to make it accessible to everyone who is … [Read more...]

Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure

At the onset, you need to understand that hair transplant is not in any way connected with cosmetic services such as creating hair wigs or other forms of cosmetic treatment. Hair transplantation is the replacement or restoration of one's lost hair and hairline. In general, hair transplant surgery procedure … [Read more...]

How Much do Surrogate Mothers Cost in India

The cost of surrogacy and surrogate mothers in India is always a rough estimate. Unlike buying some service where a cost is fixed, in the case of surrogacy, the actual cost might differ slightly with the initial estimate or you could have a major difference. The current estimate is $30,000 and it includes … [Read more...]

OHS Consultant Introduced Updated Document Templates for OHSAS 18001 Certification

The OHS Consultant is announced to introduce range of OHSAS 180001 document templates for online users that helped them to quick and effective certification for Occupational and Safety management system. The website introduced new webpage with new features of download links for OHSAS 18001 document resources … [Read more...]


Clinical research trial sites can drastically improve their patient enrollment in clinical trials with the use of doctor-to-doctor letters. Getting doctors involved in the recruitment process results in more qualified volunteers for the trial at hand and a valuable network of contacts for future … [Read more...]

The Harver Group – Your Health Insurance Counter Fraud Services Tokyo

If you are looking for a way to save tax for 2013, try the medical expense tax credit. This can save you tax dollars, but the calculations are often tedious. Start working on your claim well before April 30. How much tax can you save? For example, suppose you have a net income of $50,000. What amount of … [Read more...]

Interesting Investment Models Chart Explosive Growth Path for Investments in Indian Healthcare Industry

India, 2014 – The Indian Healthcare Industry is going through one of its most explosive growth phases. The Investment Commission of India highlights an annual growth of 12% over the last 4 years in the healthcare sector. Several factors, like the rise in population, the increase in availability of … [Read more...]

Eyebrow Hair Loss Causes and Cures

Hair on the head followed by our eyebrows is amongst the most prominent features of our upper body. When we meet another human, it is the head that first comes into focus and also creates the first impression. Loss of either, i.e. hair over the head or eyebrows substantially alters our personality and the way … [Read more...]