Survival Is Something That Comes Natural to Victorinox

The terrorists’ attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 in New York and Washington had a detrimental effect on Ibach, Switzerland based Victorinox, makers of the legendary Swiss Army Knife. This Swiss product has brand recognition around the world comparable Nike, Apple or Coca-Cola. Up until the attacks, the knives had … [Read more...]

Matt Cutts Alerts Releases Infograph on Tornadoes

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San Francisco, CA- Tornadoes, also called a twister or cyclone, is a violently-rotating column in form of a visible funnel made up of condensation that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a comulonumbus cloud. A new infograph releases by breaks down the information on … [Read more...]

Matt Cutt’s Alerts Releases Infograph on Sex Offenders in the United States

PR to submit 74 infographics

San Francisco, CA- According to the infograph, there are currently 750,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. 265,000 remain under the supervision of corrections agencies, but 70 percent of sex offenders will go on to commit a non-sexual crime after they are released from jail. However, the … [Read more...]

DropBox Purchases Endorse

San Francisco, California -- Nearly one month following the shutdown of its application, mobile coupon company Endorse has been acquired by DropBox. The announcement was made on the company's website. The deal is just one of many acquisitions made by Dropbox, and the company looks to add more in the coming … [Read more...]

Berkeley to Feature Outdoor Illusions

Orlando, FL -- On July 10th, world-renowned artist Bruce Beasley was on hand at the UC Berkeley campus for the placement of the second of five large stainless-steel sculptures he created. The UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, California will be displaying the artworks over the next year.The piece will be placed … [Read more...]

The Paradox of Thrift

Cheap takeaway food may come at a high cost in New Zealand. The Masala restaurant chain, part of which is in voluntary liquidation, has locations in prime spots across the country such as Auckland, Titirangi, Takapuna, Birkenhead and Mission Bay; two more will open soon in New Lynn and Mt Eden as well. The … [Read more...]

Weybridge Company in Liquidation after Safety Violations

Alliance Building and Contracting ltd, a Weybridge company in the United Kingdom, has recently gone into voluntary liquidation after being fined heavily for safety violations. The Monument Hill based company  was the main contractor for a destruction and rebuild project in London,England. After the demolition … [Read more...]

More Younger Women Are Keeping Their Maiden Name

In a recent study conducted by Facebook and commissioned by The Sunday Times, more women in the United Kingdom were refusing a marriage name change. One third of the thirtythree million Facebook users polled did not choose a married name change when they tied the knot. The  survey participants were women who … [Read more...]

Psychic Helped Police Find Body of Murdered 11-Year-Old Boy

Pam Ragland, who says she has a psychic ability, was able to lead cops to the body of murdered Terry Dewayne Smith, an 11-year-old boy who went  missing. The cops couldn’t refute her claim, either. She had a vision that he was laying under a tree, as if he was sleeping. She says in her vision, the city was … [Read more...]

Woman Sues Psychic for Not Lifting Curse on Her Love Life

During a consultation at the Westside Psychic Readings by Yana, Klarissa Castro of North Hollywood says that she was told she had a curse on her love life, and until the curse was lifted, said psychic Jennifer Williams, Castro would never find true love in her life. Williams said she knew how to lift the … [Read more...]