Photo exhibition dedicated to the events of Odessa tragedy on May 2 opened in Terracina, Italy

On June 29, photo exhibition “Odessa tragedy” dedicated to the terrible events opened in the hall of Albatros Hotel in Terracina, Italy. The exhibition aims to attract the attention of an international audience to the need for unbiased and independent investigation of the Odessa events of May 2, 2014 … [Read more...]

London number one in Best City Index

Last week, PricewaterhouseCoopers released its sixth annual index of 30 major cities across the world, naming London as the number one centre for business, finance and culture in cities of opportunity. As if we needed more convincing! Despite beating out cities like New York City and Singapore, London … [Read more...]

Best E-Liquid Manufactures and Supplier Right Here in Chicago

Chi-Town Vapers is the one of the best US based E-Liquid manufactures and supplier. In Chi-Town Vapers you will find shop for your E-liquid needs as per your requirement, you will find E- liquid accessories such as kits, flavours, batteries, sample packs, cartomizers, etc. E liquid works best enjoyed when you … [Read more...]

Thinking of moving to the UK from Australia?

An increase in demand for professional contractors means good news for those thinking of moving to the UK. An ongoing skills shortage predicted in the temporary labour market has prompted a growing need for qualified staff across a number of sectors. Moving overseas to work as a contractor can be a … [Read more...]

ipPerformance Group initiates patent intelligence study to investigate software systems and best practices

Naperville – February 6, 2014 – ipPerformance Group, a leader in benchmarking corporate intellectual property law and management operations announces a study on Corporate Patent Intelligence practices. ipPerformance Group is conducting this study to better understand new trends and best practices in patent … [Read more...]

Copernicus increases opportunities for businesses to trade with Turkey

The Copernicus International consulting network is now open for business in their new partner office which can be found at Izmir, Turkey following the completion of their cooperation agreement with Set Sourcing consultants. The interests of Copernicus clients from the UK and around the globe will now be … [Read more...]

Live and earn in the UK: Confusion vs Clarification

Talk to anyone about moving to the UK to live and work, and one of the most common concerns expressed does not know where to begin when arranging the dreaded paperwork. "What kind of visa do I need?" "Do I need a UK bank account to work there?" "I don't know what to do about tax. Is it even … [Read more...]

Detroit’s H2bid Earns Silicon Valley Accolades, Prepares to Expand

The Detroit-based startup—an e-bidding site that maintains, according to the company, the world’s largest online clearinghouse of water utility contract opportunities—recently made some waves in Silicon Valley. Company founder and CEO Glenn Oliver says H2bid was invited to be part of a startup … [Read more...]

Survival Is Something That Comes Natural to Victorinox

The terrorists’ attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 in New York and Washington had a detrimental effect on Ibach, Switzerland based Victorinox, makers of the legendary Swiss Army Knife. This Swiss product has brand recognition around the world comparable Nike, Apple or Coca-Cola. Up until the attacks, the knives had … [Read more...]

Matt Cutts Alerts Releases Infograph on Tornadoes

PR to submit 75 infographics

San Francisco, CA- Tornadoes, also called a twister or cyclone, is a violently-rotating column in form of a visible funnel made up of condensation that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a comulonumbus cloud. A new infograph releases by breaks down the information on … [Read more...]