Dick Starr Game Launches $1 Kickstarter with Twitch.tv Integration!

Dick Starr Conquers Mars is a retro-arcade style game that is being designed to integrate with Twitch.tv and allow Twitch broadcasters to “CrowdPlay” via chat. If you broadcast your game-play via Twitch.tv, you're going to want this game. It is designed to engage your viewers by allowing them to affect your … [Read more...]


MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Aston Villa has struck a two-year deal with Dafabet to be their official main club sponsor. Dafabet is a leading Asian online gambling company that has grown rapidly over the past 18 months, establishing itself as one of the top gambling companies in the world. In 2012 Dafabet entered … [Read more...]

Survey Finds Pennsylvania Holds Second Highest Casino Revenue in Nation

A new study from the American Gaming Association has now tarnished Pennsylvania's reputation as one of the most profitable gaming regions. Three areas within the state ranked among the top 20 American casino markets for gambling revenues, according to the study. Philadelphia was found at No. 6, while the … [Read more...]

Study Shows Tired Drivers Bigger Risk Than Previously Thought

Results released from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute regarding a study concerning car accidents and contributing factors, as well as impact factors within the insurance sector are said to reveal certain pricing explanations. Insurers are consistently looking for ways to keep the market totals in … [Read more...]

Casino Report Hints to Less Revenue for City Than First Thought reports Casino Slots

San Francisco, CA- Toronto has been notified that it can expect a provincial hosting fee of $500 million to $100 million per year for the downtown casino-resort, which is much less than the consultant's estimate given by casino proponents. Tony Bitonti, who presides as spokesperson for the Ontario Lottery … [Read more...]

Data finds Poker, Chess Impossible to Master reports Online Poker AU

San Francisco, CA- While Garry Kasparove dedicated his life to chess, but now mathematics experts have concluded that the game is, quite simply, impossible to master. A physicist at Manchester University stated games of such skill as poker, chess, and Go are too complex for any human mind to fully control … [Read more...]

Sphinx Looks to Add to Property reports Online Pokies Player

San Francisco, CA- The Ramia family intends to build 20 boutique suites in order to double its tourist rooms to the North Geelong hotel for the past 41 years. The strategy includes the condition of gaining approval to introduce four pokie machines in its complex, which could up the number to 67 in … [Read more...]

State Legislature to Review Poker Bill in 2013 reports No Deposit Poker King

San Francisco, CA- The Texas legislature will have a bill to consider in 2013 that deals with poker. A measure is coming down the pipeline titles the “Texas Poker Gaming Act of 2013”. Introduced in December of 2012, the new bill is sponsored by State Senator Eddie Rodriguez, and seeks to regulate the … [Read more...]

Senate to Vote on Sports Betting reports NBA Betting

San Francisco, CA- If it comes to pass that single-game betting on sporting events is given the green light by the Senate, it will give Caesars Windsor a large competitive edge over Detroit casinos. "This would be a great product to help regain the competitive advantage and bring the visitors back across … [Read more...]

Sands in Bethlehem Guarantees $500,000 in Poker Tournament reports Free Poker Money

San Francisco, CA- The casino and resort in Bethlehem is set to give away a minimum of $500,000 in a poker tournament over the weekend. There is a $500,00 prize pool for the Deep Stack Extravaganza, which is the largest pot (by leaps and bounds) that the casino has held at any tournament since the debut of … [Read more...]