“Kind Children of the World” Supported Healthy Eating and Organic Food

On 5-12 of October within the “Journey to Health” project of Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute, Russian, American and Serbian children, teachers and parents held international round tables, met with farmers and presented at the “Golden Autumn” exhibition in support of healthy eating and organic … [Read more...]

Smoked Sea Salts Now Part of San Francisco Salt Company’s Distinctive Chef Salt Collection

San Francisco, CA September 04, 2013 - San Francisco Salt Company (SFSC) have unveiled the latest additions to their selection of chef salts - Smoked Sea Salts. Their release this October comes just in time for the Thanksgiving season, a time when delicious, well-planned meals are on just about everyone’s … [Read more...]

New U.S. Postal Service Ad Campaign features San Francisco Salt Company

San Francisco Salt Company (SFSC), known for their extensive selection of spa salts and gourmet chef salts which they ship to customers all over the country, were selected to be a part of the United States Postal Service’s new promotion for their Flat Rate shipping service. The new ad campaign profiles … [Read more...]

Substantial Global Exhibitor & Visitor Participation at the 2nd “World Tea & Coffee Expo”™ 2014 to ensure large networking opportunities and mega deals

The 2nd Edition of “World Tea & Coffee Expo”™, India’s only trade fair dedicated to the Tea & Coffee sectors, is being held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India from Thursday 6th Feb 2014 to Saturday 8th Feb 2014. In view of the enthusiastic response from Exhibitors and Visitors – both Indian as … [Read more...]

Global Manager Group Announces Release of FSSC 22000 Total Documentation Kit

Global Manager Group, a leading ISO documentation consultancy company has announced that they are introducing their most awaited documents - FSSCE 22000 Total Documentation Kit - D122 for food chains and food production companies. FSSC 22000 documentation kit is useful for all who want to quickly and … [Read more...]

Study Finds Where Germs Are Hiding in Kitchens

Scientists with NSF International analyzed common surfaces and appliances in regular kitchens and found an assortment of bacteria, including major cause of foodborne illnesses such as E. Coli, salmonella and listeria monocytogenes. Lisa Yakas, a microbiologist and senior project manager at NSF says it was … [Read more...]

Expert Talks Veganism and Health in America

The outspoken vegan Connie Sanchez, N.D. Who is looking to help curb the stereotypes, often negative, that surround the lifestyle and health choice. Most important, Sanchez creates the concept that anyone would want to be a vegan after hearing and seeing her. Sanchez looks amazing for her age, good in … [Read more...]

Sunday Paper Is Still the Best Tool for Coupon Shoppers

There are many ways a consumer can reduce his/her grocery bill each week. Looking for sales at various stores is one way, but the consumer may spend more on gas than the money saved. The most effective way to generate savings in disposable income is coupons. All this will cost is time and a subscription to a … [Read more...]

Study: Americans on Average Eat Out More Than They Cook

A new study suggests than on average, Americans eat out on an average of four to five times a week. Researchers found that adults underestimate the calories in their restaurant meal by 20 percent. Parents of school age children underestimate calories by 23 percent and teenagers have the least idea of the … [Read more...]

What a perfect way to spend Father’s Day

Let me tell you young people a secret. Once upon a time, your dad used to be cool. Once upon a time, that old Iron Maiden T-shirt that he mows the lawn in was totally bit chin', and probably had a lot to do with you being here today. Your dad deserves better than another tie this Fathers' Day, and getting … [Read more...]