Director’s Push Against Porn Ignores Women’s Interest in Genre

David Cameron's “op-in” porn restrictions and bans on certain types of material has been heralded as a success by some. The director started hard out of the gate several years ago by campaigning on the subject is being underlined by Cameron using the Sunday Times and Psychologies magazine . The problem … [Read more...]

Multi-Talented South Florida Voice Actor Lands Recurring OfficeMax Gig

Professional voice-over actor, Jonathan Steiner, has worked for a wide array of companies from across the globe. Steiner has lent his voice to Outside Television, Volkswagen, Titan Books, several Universities and Colleges. Being personally interested in kite surfing, surfing, snowboarding, and … [Read more...]

New York City’s Parks and Recreation Department Renovated 50 Playgrounds for High-Design Renovations and Imaginative Play

San Francisco, CA- The new parks include playhouses, spinning saucers and cable climbers that help to incorporate every kind of play for every kind of child. Robert Moses, who had previously designed most of the city’s parks for decades past, had designed old fashion parks with swing sets and seesaws build … [Read more...]

Zach Braff to Broadway in 2014

San Francisco, CA- According to the latest rumors, Zach Braff will be looking to make his Broadway debut in 2014. The former Scrub's star will be making his debut in the musical adaptation of the Woody Allen piece “Bullets Over Broadway.” According to the star, the only person more excited than himself is … [Read more...]

New Study Sheds Light On Gaining Twitter Followers

New results of a study by the George Institute of Technology have shown patterns of twitter posters and followers alike. The study took over 500 users of the social media site, as well as over a half-million tweets in order to come up with specific scientific ways one increases his/her followers. The … [Read more...]

Research Could Help Newspaper Websites Find Funding

Online video viewers expect to see small advertising interruptions, and that is why newspapers were able to adopt them in order to make some much-needed cash for their websites, according to researchers. Murdoch University researcher leader, Steve Bellman examined the attitudes of individuals toward … [Read more...]

City Councilors Prevent Charity Fundraiser

San Francisco, CA- In Sanford Maine on Tuesday, city councilors denied a request for a charity car wash fundraiser. The Sanford city councilors voiced safety concerns over the matter but there seems to be more of a controversy over the volunteers who were to wash the cars. Love Birds, a Portland adult escort … [Read more...]

Majestic Suspense Revealed in “Now You See Me”

Suspense and action films that feature complex heist plans are always big box office hits. This is especially true when there is a mastermind behind all the plots whose identity is not known until the end. It keeps the viewer guessing through the whole movie -- just who this genius might be. "Now You See Me" … [Read more...]

Analyst Says Apple Owns 75% of Music Market

According the Asymco analyst Horace Dediu, iTunes accounts for over three -quarters of the total digital music market, with a $6.9 billion a year market control tally. He notes that the Apple company has substantially exceeded even his own expectations when it comes to video sales. The company now totals 380 … [Read more...]

Texas Supreme Court Drafts New Rules for Expedited Actions

The Texas Supreme Court recently drafted a new set of procedures for the expedited actions of claims that do not exceed $100,000. They did this in response to a Texas Legislature directive for the cost effective, efficient and prompt resolution of claims that do not exceed that amount. It remains to be seen, … [Read more...]