Epic Dinosaur Movie Releasing Today Starring Jana Mashonee and Lorenzo Lamas

June 24, 2014 – Released today, “The Dinosaur Experiment” starring Grammy nominated singer/actress Jana Mashonee and Lorenzo Lamas. Staged in a small out of the way gritty town, “The Dinosaur Experiment” finds an unwitting group of people thrust into the middle of a demented man’s idea of a pastime. Young … [Read more...]

When You Focus Solely on the Outcome, You Are Missing the Point

When you go on vacation, do you say to yourself, "I'm starting from home? I am going on a cruise to 3 different countries and then I am returning home. Since the outcome is "returning home" and I am home already, why go?" Is this something you say when planning a trip? No, it's ridiculous. Yet, that's EXACTLY … [Read more...]

Dick Starr Game Launches $1 Kickstarter with Twitch.tv Integration!

Dick Starr Conquers Mars is a retro-arcade style game that is being designed to integrate with Twitch.tv and allow Twitch broadcasters to “CrowdPlay” via chat. If you broadcast your game-play via Twitch.tv, you're going to want this game. It is designed to engage your viewers by allowing them to affect your … [Read more...]

Dvdwholesalesupply – Best Place to Pick Your Favorite New Movies DVDs Online

New movies are released every week and soon thereafter, they become available on DVD. Movie buffs love to add to their movies DVD collection as soon as possible and rather than wait for the new movies DVDs to arrive at the local store, they shop online. A number of websites sell new movies DVDs online, but … [Read more...]

Find Huge Selection Of DVD Movies And TV Shows

Internet technology has brought about a change in the way we did things a couple of decades ago. Online shopping has made our lives infinitely easy – there's no need to spend time and money traveling to the store to make purchases. Instead, just log on to the internet and shop online for whatever you need. Be … [Read more...]

Finding Reviews of Top & Popular DVDs in Any Category

If you are looking for entertainment at home, your best option is to buy DVDs of your favorite movie releases. And, since shopping for stuff online is the order of the day, you can find the most popular DVD in any genre you want by simply shopping online. The entertainment industry puts out DVDs over various … [Read more...]

Discovering the Best Fitness Workout DVD Reviews

With my busy work schedule, I find little time to visit a gym for my daily exercise. Few days ago, a friend advised me to get a workout DVD and exercise at home, which turned out to be a great idea. But first, I had to discover the best exercise DVD that suited my requirement. Here's how I went about finding … [Read more...]

Excellent Wedding Planning Services Offered At VIVAHA Wedding Solutions

To Design a Perfect Ambiance in Your Marriage by Merging Indian Culture with Current International Trends, Choose VIVAHA Wedding Planner Services 17th December’2013: Wedding always captures one’s attention and creates a joy of fun and enthusiasm. To make it more exciting, it is preferable to choose a wedding … [Read more...]

Data and Grow – Law of Attraction Style

Your children, your mate, your boss or coworkers are all in a bad mood too. That's the day that you lose your keys or wallet. On the flip side, when you drive out of your driveway in a great mood, traffic flows; people you meet are nice; work goes smoothly; your favorite song comes the radio twice, etc. The … [Read more...]

Matthew Rice, A.K.A. Enur Requiem’s Music Is An Artistic Expression Of Deep Emotional Content

The music of Enur Requiem is simple yet complex; pre-engineered yet natural-sounding; a variety of seemingly contradictory elements all at once. Perhaps this is because multi-instrumentalist Matthew Rice understands music theory and fundamentals, but writes lyrics devoid of any ambiguity. Rice uses basic … [Read more...]