Excellent Growth for Contract IT Job Market

Following a 25-month high in the contract IT job market in June, it was predicted the sector would flat line in the third quarter. However it is now forecast that the IT market will continue to grow after recently released figures surpassed the June results. MyOE Australian Account Manager Jill Henderson … [Read more...]

Understanding Tax Free Thresholds in Australia

Changes in legislation have led to some confusion at the end of the 2012/13 financial year, with amendments to the tax-free threshold in Australia leaving some workers unsure of their position. Last year the Australian Government raised the tax free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200, freeing up to a million … [Read more...]

Outsourcing your back office to ensure sustainable growth

Recently published in The Global Recruiter, the following article was written by Oncore's UK General Manager and Finance Director, Andy Myers, and outlines the benefits of outsourcing a recruitment agency's back office to ensure sustainable growth. Keeping your head above water In the current financial … [Read more...]

Study shows dog-owner relationship is similar to parent-child relationship

A new study reveals that the bond between a dog and its owner may be similar to the one shared between a parent and a child. Known as the “secure base effect,” it refers to the actions of infants who use their caregivers as a sort of reliable home base when playing or interacting with things around them. … [Read more...]

Get the Job with Our Resume Service

When you are seeking employment, a resume is one of the most important tools that you need to compete in the workforce and in your industry. You don't just need a generic resume, but one that stands out enough to get you that job interview and possible get your 'feet in the door'. When you try to do a resume … [Read more...]

Indian Eighth Grade Students Struggle with Math

San Francisco, CA- A report released Monday in Kathmandu, India found that the countries eighth grade students find mathematics their hardest subject. The government (Ministry of Education) funded research was conducted by the National Assessment of Student Achievement unit of the Education Review Office … [Read more...]

Math Is Nominal

San Francisco, CA- The 2013 National Secondary School Mathematics Competition in Nigeria is complete. Promasidor Nigeria Ltd, producers of Cowbell Milk, sponsors the competition. The 13th edition of Prize Giving ceremony for outstanding students was recently held at the Congress Hall of Transcorp Hilton … [Read more...]

Study Shows Utah Carries Its Own Accent

A new study highlights the differences that are found in dialect across the united states. It also offers insight into how Utah has its own accent. North Carolina State University student Joshua Katz worked through linguistic data that had been previously compiled by Dr. Bert Vaux of Cambridge University … [Read more...]

Teacher Trainees May Have To Hit the Books

Director of the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching at Plymouth University, David Burghes, has recently published a guide for the Politeia think tank. The document contains his views on the Government's proposed primary maths curriculum. It calls for qualification in mathematics to be an AS or … [Read more...]

Recent Study Finds Progress in Student Math Skills

Earlier this week, the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) released their most recent evaluation report on The Developing Futures™ in Education program. The report produced strong evidence that the GE Foundation program played a significant role in the improvement of student performance in … [Read more...]