Road Builders Get Federal Guidance on the Interpretation of ADA

The federal government recently issued a new policy clarifying ADA curb ramp requirements for pavement alterations. As a major industry resource on pavement rehabilitation and restoration, the non-profit trade association International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA) is providing its members with … [Read more...]

New Materials for Kitchen Flooring

Ceramic, wood, rubber, cork, brick, linoleum... the options are seemingly endless, which makes choosing a kitchen floor seem a bit daunting. It is important to clearly understand the needs of your house in order to make the right decision. For those environmentally conscious homeowners, the perfect floor … [Read more...]

Rebuild Expo Planned for Kansas City

San Francisco, CA -- There are a series of presentations being planned in Oklahoma City in order to plan out the repair and rebuilding of damaged areas due to tornados. The severe storms that have rocked the area have left a path of destruction and now the city must consider the best ways to rebuild. The … [Read more...]

Dayton Superior® Corporation and Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC Announce Technology Sponsorship

Dayton Superior Corporation has reached an agreement with Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC (TDS) to become a Technology Sponsor of TDS and Tilt-Werks®, their web-based tilt-up design and construction software. The sponsorship gives Dayton Superior the ability to communicate, through Tilt-Werks, with the tilt-up … [Read more...]

Council Stalls Asphalt Plants

San Francisco, CA- A unanimous vote to enact a moratorium on asphalt plants was passed by the North Branch City Council. Before the action was taken, the presiding Mayor Ron Lindquist informed those in attendance that the conversation he had with the Chisago County Administrator Bruce Messelt. Lindquist … [Read more...]

Permeable Landscaping: The Green Alternative

Nowadays, many homeowners in well-kept neighborhoods are discovering the benefits of welldesigned permeable landscape. By reducing rain and sprinkler system water run off, the water is used more efficiently. The water is also filtered through the soil and ends up in the water table purified. Water that runs … [Read more...]

Numbers Show May Strong Month for Single-Family Properties

Winter Park, Florida- In the month of May, builders stepped up their construction efforts in order to apply for permits for single-family homes. The month saw the highest number of said permits since 2007. gains have shown the housing market is key to the growth of the economy, and so the high numbers are a … [Read more...]

California Looks to Curb Sales of Houses with Unpermitted Work

San Francisco, CA- When it comes to house flipping, time is money. The Bay Area building officials are now saying that the reality business model has led to flippers cutting corners in order to get permits and pass city inspections. While there are unpermitted work that is a problem for the cities in the … [Read more...]

Experts Say Better STructures Need to Be Built in ‘Tornado Alley’

San Francisco, CA- Within the neighborhood of Moore, Oklahoma that was hit by the monster tornado has seen two houses somehow survive the devastation. Each home is an island among wreckage that is only now being fully cleared out following the devastation. The walls and roofs of the buildings in the new … [Read more...]

Boiler repairs St Albans G.A. Plumbing & Heating Launches Their New Website

England, UK- Boiler repairs St Albans G.A. Plumbing & Heating that makes sure that all the people of St Albans have reliable boilers and central heating systems that will keep their homes nice and warm have launched their new website These new boilers will also be energy … [Read more...]