Chavez Lays Out Socialist Aims In Re-election Bid

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has presented his country with a plan to deepen his push for socialism and entrench his movement in power as he runs for another six-year term amid questions of whether he will overcome cancer. Chavez's 23-page "Bolivarian Socialist" proposal was … [Read more...]

Chavez Makes Energetic Start In Re-election Bid

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Hugo Chavez sang, danced and gave a marathon speech at the launch of his re-election bid, offering a preview of a campaign in which he is likely to push his limits trying to show Venezuelans he is emerging from cancer's shadow. Chavez appeared tired, bloated and pale when … [Read more...]

Chavez Rallies Thousands Launching Re-election Bid

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Hugo Chavez rallied tens of thousands of supporters on Monday, wearing his signature red beret and singing a folk song as he formalized his presidential candidacy and launched his re-election bid. Chavez waved and blew kisses to crowds as he rode atop a truck to the … [Read more...]

9 Young Elephants Find New Home In Mexican Zoo

PUEBLA, Mexico (AP) — It was the stuff of a major film studio's next animation project: Nine African baby elephants orphaned after their parents were poached, but then miraculously rescued to a wild game park in Latin America. In the highlands of central Mexico, pee wee pachyderms the size of Volkswagen … [Read more...]

Bieber Fans Throng Mexico City’s Main Plaza

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Thousands of "tween" girls and their parents have begun streaming into Mexico City's historic ahead of a free concert by teenage superstar Justin Bieber. The plaza's gray and red stone surface has been covered by a sea of purple as the mainly 10 to 14-year-old crowd paid homage to what is … [Read more...]

Pinochet Homage Heats Up Bitter Debate Over Legacy

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — The poster makes its plea from one of the pock-marked walls once splattered with blood at Londres 38, a former detention and torture center where 96 people died or disappeared during Chile's long dictatorship. It reads: "Pinochet, may your legacy die." Yet that legacy is far from dead. … [Read more...]

News Organizations May Not Cover CONCACAF Match

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Associated Press and other major news organizations may not cover the third-round match of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers between El Salvador and Mexico because of a dispute with the Salvadoran Football Federation over credentials for journalists. The Salvadoran federation imposed … [Read more...]

Venezuela Court Decisions Shake Up 2 Small Parties

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela's Supreme Court has issued decisions shaking up the leadership of two small political parties, potentially preventing them from backing opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles. The court's decisions, which call for immediate changes to the leadership of the … [Read more...]

Reporter Criticizes FARC For Release As Propaganda

A French journalist freed by leftist rebels Wednesday said he had no complaints about his captivity other than its 33-day duration and lamented that Colombia's war is an invisible conflict" where the poor kill the poor. Romeo Langlois said he was not embittered, but he criticized the rebels for using his … [Read more...]

Peruvian Police Arrest Mayor Over Mining Protests

Peruvian police have arrested the mayor of a highlands town accused of promoting anti-mining protests in which two people died this week. It was the second arrest of a leader of the protests, which prompted the government to declare a 30-day emergency suspending civil liberties in Espinar province. … [Read more...]