Officials Strive to Protect MWR Programs Amid Budget Cuts

By Donna Miles American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, Aug. 21, 2013 – Committed to preserving quality-of-life offerings despite ever-tighter budgets, military morale, welfare and recreation officials are scaling back in some areas as they introduce innovative approaches to delivering services and … [Read more...]

‘Alarming’ rise in children injured by falling TVs

CHICAGO (AP) — Falling televisions sent nearly 200,000 U.S. children to the emergency room over 20 years and the injury rate has climbed substantially for these sometimes deadly accidents, a study found.Doctors and safety experts say better awareness is needed about the dangers — especially the risks of … [Read more...]

Skipping breakfast may increase heart attack risk

ATLANTA (AP) — Another reason to eat breakfast: Skipping it may increase your chances of a heart attack.A study of older men found those who regularly skipped breakfast had a 27 percent higher risk of a heart attack than those who ate a morning meal. There's no reason why the results wouldn't apply to other … [Read more...]

FDA: Menthol cigarettes pose public health risk

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A Food and Drug Administration review concludes that menthol cigarettes pose a greater public health risk than regular cigarettes.The federal agency released the independent review on Tuesday. It is seeking input from the health community, the tobacco industry and others on possible … [Read more...]

FDA: Menthol cigarettes likely pose health risk

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A Food and Drug Administration review concludes that menthol cigarettes likely pose a greater public health risk than regular cigarettes but does not make a recommendation on whether to limit or ban the minty smokes — one of the few growth sectors of the shrinking cigarette business.The … [Read more...]

FDA cracks down on illegal diabetes remedies

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on more than a dozen companies that market illegal treatments for diabetes, ranging from bogus dietary supplements to prescription drugs sold online without a prescription.All of the products aim to cash in on the country's diabetes epidemic, … [Read more...]

House GOP seek delay in health care provisions

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans, politically emboldened by President Barack Obama's delay of a key requirement of his health care law, are taking another run at scrapping his signature domestic policy.The House has scheduled votes Wednesday to delay the law's individual and employer mandates, the 38th … [Read more...]

How to tell signs of dementia from normal aging

BOSTON (AP) — New studies suggest that noticing you are having memory or thinking problems could be the earliest sign of Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer's Association lists these 10 warning signs, plus advice on how to tell them from normal age-related changes:—Memory changes that disrupt daily life. … [Read more...]

New surgical knife can instantly detect cancer

LONDON (AP) — Surgeons may have a new way to smoke out cancer.An experimental surgical knife can help surgeons make sure they've removed all the cancerous tissue, doctors reported Wednesday. Surgeons typically use knives that vaporize tumors as they cut, producing a sharp-smelling smoke. The new knife … [Read more...]

House GOP presses delay in health care law

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans pressed ahead Wednesday on delaying key components of President Barack Obama's signature health care law, emboldened by the administration's concession that requiring companies to provide coverage for their workers next year may be too complicated.The House has scheduled … [Read more...]