Where To Buy And Purchase Marijuana Seeds In The United States?

Marijuana seeds are shipped to the united states from several online marijuana seedbanks

There are several online shop where you can order cannabis seeds. Here is a list of shops that are found to be reliable and customer friendly. Some of them ship their seeds world-wide and some shops ship seed to the united states.

1. Cannabis 420 Seeds

Location: Netherlands

Cannabis 420 Seeds has been shipping over 7 years of experience in providing top quality cannabis seeds. You can buy seeds in many categories selected by dutch top breeders. Seeds are shipped world-wide in stealth, sealed envelopes. Sometimes they have special offers like adding 20 free marijuana seeds to every order.

As Cannabis 420 Seeds ships the seeds anywhere you are, it’s your responsibility to check your local laws about receiving cannabis seeds. To enter the shop click here.

2. Sensi Seeds

Location: Netherlands

Sensi Flowers is a cannabis seeds bank in Netherlands. You can buy cannabis seeds and some accessories plus t-shirts. The seeds are shipped to all countries in the European Union except Luxembourg and Norway.

Outside EU the seeds can be shipped to Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. Note thats seeds are not shipped to the United States or Africa. To enter the shop click here.

3. Big Flower Seeds

Location: United Kingdom

Big Flowers marijuana seeds bank has existed since the year 2002. When buying you can select the way you want your seeds to be packed. The options are CD case and stealth packaging.

You can pay with all major credit cards, UK postal orders, and cash. In case of large orders you can also move the money directly to their bank account. Shipping world-wide, outside UK fee 10 euros. Enter the shop from this link.

4. Automatic Seeds

Location: Netherlands

Automatic seeds sells high-quality cannabis seeds and ships them to countries where it is legal. Seeds are shipped in stealth packages and shipping fee is five euros to all destinations. Seeds are always shipped separately from possible other products you order. Nirvana is one of the largest and oldest seed shops on the net.

Nirvana is one of the few shops you can actually pay your cannabis seeds with PayPal. Credit cards Visa, Mastercards, American Express and Diners are also accepted. You can also use bank transfer or pay by sending plain cash. Enter the shop from this link.

5. 420 seeds

Location: Spain

420 seeds is a cannabis seeds super store located in Spain. Available payment methods are bank transfer (accounts in US, Spain, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland), Western Union or plain cash. You can pick up the order from southern Spain or the pot seeds will be shipped to you in regular mail in a neural looking envelope. Enter the shop from this link.

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