Vapor Rush – A New Electronic Vaporizer – Small And Portable – A Safer Way To Smoke!

Electronic vaporizer is finally out - vapor rush - a safer way for medical marijuana patients to smoke

Smoke weed on an E-Cigarette with Vapor Rush!

A group of Los Angeles based scientists, biochemists and entrepreneurs put their heads together to develop the latest buzz in the pot world: Vapor Rush. This revolutionary product combines new Electronic Vaporzer technology with a special formulation made from pure kief that comes from the best strains of marijuana. Vapor Rush is a new way to smoke bud that allows you to smoke anywhere without a lighter, smell, shake, smoke and unwanted attention.

The product can be purchased at your local dispensary for a low price of $100. Go to for a list of dispensaries that carry Vapor Rush. Each kit comes with refill cartridges that are each good for over 100 hits. You can also enjoy three different varieties: haze, bliss and rush. These three types are taken from potent sativa and indica strains of cannabis. It is simple, safe, fun, and the hottest item in dispensaries!

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For Inquiries, Contact:
Julia Alexander