UN-US Betray safety of Liberty residence

“History is not about facts, it’s about the content and who is telling the story. We have “White Knights” who won’t slay dragons but train them for their own purpose”

““Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”- Abrahim Lincoln

The UN and U.S have been confronting the Iranian menace for the past 10 years over the nuclear issue but it is their silence towards the Iraqi treatment of Camp Liberty refugees who got blown to pieces by mortars while being officially under protection the real shocking revelations.

“It’s time to do what the residents want! Take them back to Camp Ashraf where they have been in peace for the past 30 years”

It’s been over 1 year since exile-Iranians opposing the dictatorship in Iran were forced to leave their home in Camp Ashraf-Iraq, to move to a camp called Liberty. “They were lured into the Camp as Mr. Boumedra revealed.

Camp Liberty – a former deserted and looted military base for the American troops, which was a tenth of its size compared to the resident’s former home in Ashraf.

Promised safety and protection by UN and U.S, these 3100 exile-Iranians showed a goodwill gesture towards both the United Nations and the U.S government where they declared their unilateral agreement to dislocate to the ambiguous camp Liberty. Despite reports claiming the camp’s serious lack of infrastructure, the MEK leadership which was under enormous pressure by Martin Kobler, along with the UNHCR they agreed for the dislocation of the Ashraf residents into the new camp though contradicting reports indicated the fact that the camp was not suitable. As the Ashraf residents maintained its independence throughout this time and tried to repair camp Liberty, in this period every single element needed to rebuild the infrastructure with the residents own resources were prevented or hampered by the Iraqi elements.

They tried the utmost to prohibit, restrict and twist the process of rebuilding the camp in order to exert pressure on the residents in hope that they would give up their political unification and go back to Iran. Items such as cement sacs, lift trucks even plants to build shades were not allowed into the Camp. Each step of the way was an abutting rout aimed to wilt away the energy and hope of the residents and make them weary of the situation. Then they would use the UNCHR as specific elements in the UN body to interrogate the applicants.

One applicant had written to his lawyer:

“It was as if I was facing the Iranian Intelligence. Unexpected questions suddenly popped up: Are you being kept by force in the camp? Do you have the freedom of movement? So you wish to go back to Iran? Are you by any chance struck by your commanders? Are you degraded? These questions almost reminded me of numerous articles written by deserters who had openly been hired by the Iranian Intelligence agency. It was those questions that I stood up against and therefore refused to continue the process. The Irony was that I have been a political prisoner inside the Iranian dungeons and been interrogated multiply times. The disgusting thing was to find such co-ordination between questions asked by the UNHCR agent and the Henchmen of Iran. Obviously I kept my regard for the UN and did not mention the similarity!”.

These residents who are considered protected people by the 4th of Geneva Convention were never protected from from the slaughters of the Iranian supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his Iraqi allies. Not during the first massacre and not even during the second massacre where a total of 50 people and hundreds of injured got beaten to death with wooden sticks, targeted and killed by sniper shots and ran over by US made humvees.

Evidential documents published from early as in the year of 2008 where the residents pleads and warns the U.S authorities not to withdraw its troops from Camp Ashraf following the confiscation of Ashraf’s defense including arms contradicts the fact that these parts were unaware of these horrible acts before the incidents. Not to mention the UNAMI monitoring team who passively stood by during the second killings. The U.S troops along with the monitoring team later left the area and let all resident be bloody assaulted at the hands of the same Iraqi troops that had attacked them once before.

The resident’s lawyers were the first to denounce the outrageous silence by the UN and its representative Martin Kobler, who for many Iranians was named as the man behind the massacres.

The Ashraf Spokesperson himself have written various articles revealing engineered engineered plots against the residents under the nose of the US and UN representatives who were informed in detail by a weekly report sent to them by the residents.

Criminal acted while the US was silent and merely asked the Iraqi government to investigate this issue. However, in disregard to a cautious appeasement policy by the west to avoid provocations from Iran, bloodshed occurs until today leaving us wondering when UN and U.S will lose all its credibility in regards to both political but most importantly humanitarian matters regarding their foreign policy.

In order summarize the relocation process for these individuals merely a handful have been relocated in over a 1 year procedure while they simultaneously endure physical torture with restraining freedom of movement, limitations in regards to access to lawyers and medical supplies and mental torture from the same forces who attacked them twice and now with missiles. When it comes to living conditions and its limitations, amongst these 3100 residents, 2 residents died due to the restrictions for proper medical care where one of the residents named Bardia Mostafian’s body was returned after approximately 1 year following his death by the Iraqi government. During the whole gruesome periods which agonize the residents and their families, thousands of International personalities and Camp lawyers demanded the UN to recognize this so called transition Camp that had been there for at least a year as a refugee camp in order to prevent any pretext for bloodshed at the behest of the Iranian regime.

Behind the attacks:

When it comes to these atrocities, there is no doubt that the Iranian Quds force along with Prime Minister Nouri-Al Maliki’s soldiers is to be held accountable for these homicides as pictures and videos recorded by these residents during the bloodshed was uploaded to Youtube and other oppositional news sources revealing the perpetrators identities. This has resulted in an arrest warrant issued by the Spanish court.

Iran made an official statement through its foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast who said that the attack was carried out inside Iraqi soil and that “Iran has nothing to do with it”, however the Iranian news channel called Press TV received this photo (see pic) hours before the attack and published this news segment at 10:00am after the bloodshed occurred, In a time when no other channel (including the Iraqi news media) broadcasted this incident which took place in Baghdad-Iraq

The purple circle shows the Airport of Baghdad where many kilometers of multiply checkpoints are secured by Iraqi forces to make sure no criminal or terrorist actives shall occur obviously since camp Liberty is located in such a critical and central point in Baghdad.

Drawing an orange circle indicating were Camp Liberty was located, according to this photo, the missiles were fired 1.5km west from the Liberty’s location which leave us wondering how Iran could know the exact location where the missiles were fired from and why no one have been arrested until today. Surely firing artillery of 35 rockets and missiles with this accuracy cannot go unnoticed.

It must be mentioned that the same forces who executed the massacre In 8th of april 2011 and June 2009 are now protecting these residents so why does the U.S state department and United Nations ask the Iraqi government to investigate these attacks when all allegations points towards the Iraqi and Iranian terrorist forces? On the 17th of February 2013, an anonymous source within the Iraqi parliament testified regarding the initial investigations which confirmed Iraqi forces involvement in this attack. Now that Camp Liberty is an issue for the UN to keep as a commitment to its own credibility, its special representative for Iraq Martin Kobler have not only failed to protect these residents but also lured them into a detention center where former UN official Tahar Boumedra who resigned due to these atrocities stated that “my conscience demands that I bring the truth to light and that I am prepared to attest to these facts under oath.”. Mr. Boumedra has in several documents revealed the truth about Martin Kobler and his intentions for these individuals. Mr.Boumedra quoted a document in which Martin Kobler was ‘flagrantly lying’ when he wrote: “The UNHCR and UNAMI Human Rights Office have now confirmed that the facilities at Camp Liberty are in accordance with the international humanitarian standards stipulated in the MOU.” He added: “But at the beginning I told you the MOU does not stipulate any humanitarian standards. So you can see how UNAMI and its leadership is misleading the international community, misleading the whole world, by playing on this kind of linguistic word game.” Martin Kobler who currently serves as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative for Iraq has shown that he also serves the same individuals that are responsible for these crimes. By falsifying information reported to senior U.N. leadership and the international community. Kobler who is responsible for the protection of these victims is in reality persecuting them and gradually leading them to their deaths at the behest of the Supreme Leader of Iran while working for the United Nations.

As Judge Poe stated in a conference held by the NCRI: “It is necessary for us to find out immediately and let the world know who was responsible for the attack on the innocents in Camp liberty and now that the world understands that Camp Liberty is not a safe place, it is necessary that we immediately move the good people out of Camp Liberty and move them back where they can be safe in camp Ashraf”

This request from friends, relatives and higher authorities are being submitted on a daily basis and now is the time to proceed before it’s too late. The U.S State department must hold the perpetrators accountable for these crimes and act in favor to the agreements made before more bloodshed occurs,

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