Spiritual Interfaith Activist of Indonesia – Anand Krishna

A Struggle for Justice and Human Rights

Recently, shockingly, just hearing a very saddened news about a very nice person I have met. He is trapped in the dysfunctional judicial system of the country which is well-known not only as one of the most corrupted country in the world, but also as one of the worst country in term of religious freedom, Indonesia.

Anand Krishna, The Man, has been struggling to uphold the harmony of inter-religious communities in Indonesia; even, co-founded the National Integration Movement (NIM) for the shake of the nation’s unity. However, his tireless effort have not been appreciated but the government is letting him struggle by himself in the tiny cell of Cipinang Penitentiary – Jakarta to seek justice for himself and his interfaith community.
Met him in the mid-year of 2012 at his Ashram@Ubud, Bali, he told me that God had just unhooked him from a fabricated sexual-assault case against him by some of his former followers. A rare integrated and respected judges in Indonesia – Albertina Ho – found him not guilty of the charges and restored his civil rights in the district court where the case was presiding. The “Judge Bao” of Indonesia, Ho, was replacing the previous judge – Hari Sasangka – who was caught by some witnesses and cameras involved in an illegal and unethical meeting with the female incriminating witness outside the courtroom in the middle of the night in the witness’ car.
Unlawfully and unconstitutionally, then, the case was appealled to the Supreme Court which overturned the district court’s verdict. Later, the justices who overturned the verdict had gotten in trouble. Justice Achmad Yamanie was discharged dishonorby by the Supreme Court Ethical Board because of allegedly falsifying the sentence of drug lord. Another was reported to the Commission of Eradiction of Corruption (KPK) for allegedly bribery.
His family and friends manage to take the case for the legal review in the Supreme Court, and is waiting for the decision until now. The complete story of his case can be found at http://freeanandkrishna.com/the-case/ or http://www.opentrial.org/legal-dysfunction/item/162-the-intriguing-case-of-anand-krishna-in-indonesia
The Humanitad Foundation was actually filming the case and its background in a documentary-movie : Anand Krishna – The Last Man Standing which could be watched in youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JglZ_0-s5E
To support his release and struggle – we can participate in an online petitions  https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Justice_and_Human_Rights_for_Religious_Pluralist_and_Freedom_Fighter_Anand_Krishna
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