PST Files Repair Tool Launched By Stellar Phoenix Company

Safeguard your Microsoft outlook PST Files with Stellar Phoenix Company Inbox Repair Tool

One of the most important softwares that can be found in a computer is the email program like Microsoft outlook. Our daily reliance on this program has become so entrenched that we take it for granted that it will never fail. However, much to our dismay and frustrations, when it fails, we are at loss at what to do. The problem normally arises when where all the emails information are stored in the Personal Folders file (PST file) become too large for the mail program to handle. Once this has happened, the Outlook will need to truncate the PST file resulting in loss of data. Prudent dictate that we backup our outlook information all the time. However, this may not be possible in all the time.

Microsoft provides a free inbox repair tool called “scanpst.exe” that can be used for repairing corruption of the PST file. Nevertheless, data recovery is challenging matter and this free utility is rather weak. Now with the launching of the Stellar Outlook PST repair program by Stellar Phoenix Company, users of Microsoft outlook not longer have to worry about loss of data when their PST file becomes corrupted. The Stellar Outlook PST repair tool is a data recovery tool that is available free to download for evaluation and include a password and file splitting utility as part of their offerings.

Saving your critical PST file should not be a stressful affair. To alleviate all the difficulties that might result from the data loss, ensure that you repair your PST file with the proper tool. To know more about how to repair your PST file, please visit the website at:

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