Oasis Luxury Shower Stalls

An affordable steam shower makes all the difference in the world

Luxury showers and baths are not a new concept, since the days of the Roman bath houses cultures have always taken pride and pleasure in the beauty and pleasure associated with bathing.  Having a beautiful bathroom not only gives you the opportunity to wash away the daily stresses of life.  But it can also be a sound investment.  Imagine having your very own private day spa in the comfort of your own home.  Having a lavish bathroom used to be reserved for the wealthy.  However in recent years a new company has emerged that will change the way the world views bathroom remodeling.

The Company is Oasis Steam Showers.  Since the Beginning of 2010 Oasis has exploded onto the bathroom remodeling market and is quickly becoming the best known brand of modular steam showers.  A modular steam shower is a self contained steam shower with a wide amenity of features including, a powerful yet energy efficient steam generator, FM radio and CD hookup, chromo therapy lighting,  a built in hands free telephone and much more. 

The Oasis line of steam showers is so well revered because of their low cost, easy installation and above all their stellar warranty.  Before Oasis came along the best Warranty available on a steam shower was for 5 years.  However after designing their line of steam showers for over 3 years and only choosing the highest quality components available even designing new components when others did not fit their high quality control measures Oasis steam showers is proud to offer an unmatched 15 year warranty on the steam generator. 

Their ease of installation also sets them apart from their competitors.  The best trained installers can install an Oasis steam shower in as little as 1 hour from start to finish under perfect working conditions.  Although with most bathroom remodeling projects perfect conditions are hard to come by.  So installations are dependent on the conditions and the remodeler you are working with.

An Oasis steam shower can also be a great investment for your home.  Since modular steam showers are very new to the United States and Canada they have a great shock value.  If you are planning to sell your home a quick bathroom remodel can make all the difference in the world.  When potential buyers see your new home spa they will instantly fall in love.  Having a steam shower will set your home apart from other similar homes on the market as well as raise the potential value of your home.   There are many real estate agents and experts that highly recommend a tseful bathroom remodel before selling your home.

Whether you are looking for that personal home spa you have always wanted or are planning on selling your home.  The Oasis line of steam showers is an excellent way to achieve both.  With an unmatched warranty, wide amenity of features and a quick and easy installation you can rest assures that an Oasis steam shower is one of the soundest investments you can make.

For more information contact Showerstallsinc at 1-800-811-6875 or http://www.showerstallsinc.com to view the full product catalog Oasis has to offer.



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