Non-voice Services Are Growing More Popular In Philippine BPO Companies

Non-voice services are growing more in demand as clients' needs expand and increase

During the first few years of the BPO trend in the Philippines, outsourcing companies were still commonly referred to as “call center companies.” True enough, most if not all of these companies exclusively offered customer support, which is mainly voice-based services. However, when the BPO started to be one of the international businesses’ major business strategies, clients’ demand for outsourcing tasks expanded. Businesses were needing more than just customer service from their outsourcing providers. With this, the BPO companies in the Philippines, both under local and foreign management promptly addressed the new and growing demands of the clients. The team of web developers was one of the earliest non-voice team established in most companies.

Establishing a non-voice BPO company has also been an attractive business venture for more investors mainly because of the less competition and investment cost. The increasing number of BPO companies in the country, especially those specializing in non-voice services has provided limitless career opportunities for the IT professionals and graduates in the country. This has also been a great contribution in the local government’s goal of strengthening the IT capacity of the country year after year. With many companies to work for, IT professionals and other Virtual Assistants would have more opportunities to enhance their talents since they are operating on international standards, and this is also a good way of promoting Filipino’s IT literacy to the rest of the world.  

Some of the most popular non-voice tasks in the country recently are: Data entry, Web development, Web design, SEO, and Content Writing. 

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