Huhne Calls On Eu To Raise Carbon Emissions Target

The energy and climate change secretary in the UK, Chris Huhne, has called on European Union (EU) member states to help fight climate change by raising the carbon emissions target for the EU. By 2020, the EU will reduce its carbon emissions by 20 per cent compared with levels in 1990. It has said it will cut CO2 emissions even further – by 30 per cent – if the US and other big-polluting countries agree to follow suit.

Mr Huhne believes Europe should act now, raising its sights, and helping boost the climate change negotiations which stalled at the Copenhagen Summit last December. It was reported recently that the European recession had slashed the number of carbon emissions produced by heavy industry in member state countries last year. CO2 emissions from installations regulated by the Emissions Trading Scheme on the continent dropped to 1.873 billion tonnes in 2009, the EU confirmed.

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