Finalists For Military Spouse of the Year 2013 Named


Several months ago, I was humbled to receive several preliminary nominations for Military Spouse of the Year 2013. While I did not win the installation phase of voting, I did surprisingly well in the voting considering that I’m a novice to the military spouse world, didn’t heavily campaign for votes and don’t reside on a military base.

I’m thrilled to report the woman who beat me in the installation phase just won the branch phase of voting and is advancing to the final round –Christine Vance. She does incredible work feeding our military families through Heidi’s Pantry near Washington D.C. (and I am personally grateful for the work she does to feed our wounded warriors at the base where my husband is recovering from his combat injuries).

I have come to know several more of the women in the finals–Tara Crooks interviewed me about my book, Sleeping with Dog Tags, not long ago on Army Wife Radio Network.

Pamela Larson does so much to generate awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury (you may recall her husband–who suffers from PTSD and TBI–went missing a few months ago (likely quite terrifying considering 2012 soldier suicide rates). In large part due to her efforts via social media, he was later found alive, thank goodness).

Often we make a lot of time to read about politicians and celebrities. I’d like all to take the time to read about these amazing women I’ve come to know as well as all 18 in the finals. These are our nation’s unsung heroes, and we should honor their tremendous contributions.

Pages 1-12 of Sleeping with Dog Tags reads:

“The job of a military spouse is one of the most mentally and physically draining jobs in America today. We go to war too. We fight all sorts of enemies…fear, doubt, anxiety…No one claps when we walk through the airport.”

Despite the pressure military spouses are under : the stress and worry of deployments; balancing work and managing the home (often alone) during wartime; and raising kids– these 18 extraordinary women have gone beyond the call by accomplishing extraordinary things.

You can read about the finalists here and you can cast a vote on March 5th.

Tiffany Cloud Olson is a contributor at Thoughtful Women and the author of Sleeping with Dog Tags. Follow her on Facebook or her author page.

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