Eternity: A Mass Market Newspaper For Australian Christians

If somebody had not pinched the name already, 'Truth' would have been a good name for this paper, because truth is what christians should be all about

Christians believe in capital ‘T’ Truth. This is the big picture seen in the Bible of God who created everything that was made, Jesus both God and Man, his death on the cross to bear the penalty of our sin, and his return to judge the world are capital T Truths.

We’re a Bible-based paper, believing the scripture to be wholy truthful and wholly reliable in all that it teaches.

Eternity stands for these ‘big T’ Truths. More than that, we want to tell the stories of ordinary Australians encountering the Truth and how it has changed them.

We will tell the story of how the Truth spreads through church plants and missionary work, and using as many methods that we can find out about.

Like Christians in general, Eternity will have ‘small t’ truth to tell as well as well. We want tell the truth about each other. We don’t need to make up ‘cleverly devised myths’ as Peter assures his readers he did not do.

Good old-fashioned journalism is enough. There is so much good stuff happening that we will not have to make things up, exaggerate or use hype to fill our paper. We can achieve our main aim of encouraging Christians without resorting to any of this.

Sometimes there will be not so good news. We will tell the story straight.

Because Christians are made to radiate truths, it’s Eternity’s view that Christians should make the best journalists. Certainly we should be the fiercest advocates for truth. This paper will be our chance to put that into practice.

Eternity will have five main content focuses:

* Testimonies the most encouraging stories of all

* Missionary News we want to help build support for missionaries and encourage more to go

* Books we will publish exerpts of new books and encourage readers and writers alike

* Social Justice news of Christians serving our neighbours locally and globally

* Culture a Christian perspective on TV movies and media

This is a new venture. One thing is certain, we will make mistakes. We will miss some good stories, and fail to tell some ‘small t’ truths. Please help us get better with your feedback.

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For Inquiries, Contact:
Tobias Lerone
1300 955 062