Eating Disorder Treatment Center Finds Following On Twitter

Casa Palmera, the exclusive eating disorder treatment facility located near Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe has gained a reputation for its highly successful holistic approach to healing, but now Casa Palmera has taken the step of adopting the latest in technology and social media tools to reach out to prospective patients and their families through its Twitter feed. Recognizing that an entire generation is bypassing traditional sources of information such as libraries and even web sites in favor of social media, taking the step of making anorexia treatment information available through a Twitter feed makes sense.

While most people tend to think of the entertainment and social aspects of Twitter, Casa Palmera recognized the opportunity to reach out to a generation of people who are often under the most pressure to conform to unrealistic expectations about body image. While 140 characters may not seem like enough to convey any meaningful information, Twitter allows Casa Palmera staff to tweet snippets that grab the attention of followers and encourage them to follow a link to more detailed information.

Statistics show that younger people (under the age of 25) are the highest risk group for eating disorders and this age group has also been increasingly adopting social media tools. Reaching someone who has a problem, letting them know that their situation is not uncommon and that there are solutions available to them is an important element of controlling the rise of eating disorders. A facility like Casa Palmera, stressing holistic treatment options, individualized programs, a high staff to patient ratio and an exclusive and private setting, already has a reputation for having world-leading success rates for bulimia treatment, anorexia treatment and overcoming virtually any behavioral or addiction-based health disorders. The reputation and capability is there, including a Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission and licensing from the state of California Department of Health Services. Casa Palmera’s web site has also become known as a valuable resource for those looking for information about addiction, eating disorder treatment and behavioral disorders. But a highly successful treatment program and all the information in the world are not going to help the people who need assistance in overcoming an eating disorder if they don’t know that it’s there.

Enter Twitter. Used during the 2008 presidential campaign by Barack Obama and even employed by the American Red Cross during disaster relief campaigns, there are now well over 75 million Twitter accounts and young people are turning to Twitter as their platform of choice for communicating. What better way to reach at risk youth with information about eating disorders? With over 1,500 followers the Casa Palmera Twitter Feed is obviously hitting home for many people. Tweets have included: “Your mental health and eating disorders,” “Signs you may have an eating disorder,” and “How eating disorders affect a person’s body image.” Twitter may not be the first thing you think of when the subject of eating disorder treatment comes up, but Casa Palmera has built a reputation for helping people successfully overcome this debilitating and potentially dangerous affliction by embracing alternative methods.

About Casa Palmera:

A leading rehabilitation center for those seeking to beat addiction, behavioral health disorders or searching for effective anorexia treatment, Casa Palmera is a 37,000 square foot facility located near the California coastal town of Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe. Patients are treated in luxurious settings under the care of Board-certified physicians and experienced, caring staff. While notable for its high success rates with holistic bulimia treatment, the center is also known as a leader in treating drug and alcohol addictions. For further information about Casa Palmera, please call 866-768-6719, or send an e-mail to:


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