Document Reveals: UNAMI Chief-Iran-Iraq to Shut Down Refugee Camp: Deliver to Iran

A document(1) received from sources inside Iranian government has revealed UN Special Representatives’ role in delivering Iran’s main opposition members(MEK) who are seeking refugee status and are “protected persons” to the Ayatollahs in Iran.

According to this document and sources from inside the Iraqi government, Hotel Mohajer in Baghdad was used in a mutual agreement between Iran, Iraq and the UNAMI to house removed elements of the MEK. The ploy was to dispatch the members back to Iran by handing them over to the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. In previous cases, were agents of the MOIS such as Haj Ali Navidi, Naseri and Nobakhti.

The same sources report that, Mr. Kobler, UNAMI chief in Baghdad, had UNAMI rent Hotel Yamameh for a similar plot at the beginning of July. This hotel was mentioned by Iraq’s security advisor as a second Temporary Transit Location (TTL) for MEK members in Camp Ashraf, in the memorandum of understanding, signed by Mr. Kobler.

One Document displayed in Iranian opposition Television, Simay-e-Azadi, disclosed a full time contract between the “Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad – Trade Counsel,” bearing the signature of the “Islamic Republic of Iran – Ministry of trade – Trade Counsel – Bagdad” and an Intelligence agent named “Mehdi Nejatnia” and the Iraqi government. The hotel was to house 400 MEK members who were in the fifth convoy going to camp Liberty; It alleged to be used as a concentration camp against the pro-democracy group; MEK.

According to sources in Iran, UNAMI proposed to buy the contract with a higher bid to persuade the GoI into a new contract with the UN agency.

Mr. Kobler visited his counterparts in Iran in May 2012 to negotiate matters. The visit coincided with the fifth convoy of Camp Ashraf residents leaving for Camp Hurieh (Liberty). The operation that was to relocate the refugees peacefully to third countries was hustled by the Iraqi government stopping short of a third assault on the residents. Hundreds of breaches were reported in consecutive statements by the Iranian opposition office in Paris (NCRI), resulting in a stalemate.

The visit drew a negative response that back lashed in resolutions and written statements by the residents, their representatives, lawyers, parliamentary groups and dignitaries in Europe and the U.S.

On 24th of April, on return from Iran, Maliki’s security advisor, Faleh Fayaz Al-Ameri disclosed UN participation in a Tehran engineered scenario to handle its fierce opposition in Camp Ashraf.

The objective was to wear down MEK members in an abrasive process of negotiations, without manifesting results, in order to relocate; scatter and gradually repatriate them back to Iran.

Al Ameri disclosed that: “Mr. Martin Kobler, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Iraq, has talked in details with Iraqi and Iranian parties through the Iranian Embassy or other channels communicating with Iran in order to provide the requirements for implementation of the close camp Ashraf and put an end to the presence of this organization on Iraqi territory. Talks included the mechanisms and Iran’s role in what has to be done to solve this matter…”

The opposition disclosed in a recent statement that UN representative had participated in a dozen meeting with its Leadership, and residents have exchanged at least 40 letters and proposals with much leniency to resolve the crisis. Each time the UN Special representative has introduced plans and no deeds.

Mr. Kobler’s current “road map” is believed to be related with recent revelations and following his trip to Iran. In a letter to the opposition leadership, he was said to have expressed his intent: “We are in contact with the Iraqi government on a roadmap to relocate camp Ashraf “

In a statement released by the NCRI the “road map” is rejected as having “shocking deceptions, fallacies and inverted claims.” The office dubbed the “attrition process” as repetitious hollow promises that started since December 18, which are only adjustments to “Iraqi governments’ patience” rather than the resident’s most primary needs such as drinking water from city sources or lift trucks that would prevent physical labor of residents under sky-high heat of 65 Celsius.

“In this Road map, similar to previous ones, all the humanitarian requirements of the residents like water, electricity, and utility and personal vehicles and forklifts have been postponed to an unspecific and unclear arrangement.”

Previous drafts had unfulfilled promises include:

- Camp Liberty’s water supposed to have been connected to the city water before the month of Ramadan.

-Electricity problems were to be resolved by resident’s own power generators, some looted by Iraqi government and others yet not allowed to be taken to Liberty. With rising temperatures, lack of electricity in the camp has become a threat to life.

-Residents were to auction their belongings in Camp Ashraf to accommodate for expenses such as food, electricity and livelihood in Prison Liberty with UN observance. Merchants have been threatened and intimidated by the GoI, leaving no possibility for transactions.

- Every small need of everyone is inspected; re-considered, checked and sometimes deleted by Iraqi government agents. Residents have paid more than 2 million dollars only to buy fuel over the past five months.

NCRI statement emphasized. . “Mr. Kobler is repeating once again the identicle scenario in order to evict and relocate the remaining residents to Liberty’s prison only based on hollow promises without provision of the humanitarian minimums. In practice, this is the same plan of the Iranian regime and its Iraqi proxies to compel the Iranian opposition to submit and surrender.”

While Mr. Kobler tones “suppressive” moves by GoI as a “generous” move, the ‘Working Group on Arbitrary Detention’ of the Human Rights Council in a recent letter has rebuffed his empathy to the Iraqi government calling “deprivation of liberty…a violation of international law.”

The opposition leader Maryam Rajavi initiated a proposal last December, to curb attempts by Tehran. The proposal involved either her participation in talks with the GoI, or a conference chaired by Special Representative of the UN Secretary General (SRSG) and a decision making Iraqi officials and to resolve the crisis. (NCRI statement January 2, 2012 statement). Both initiatives were rejected by the Iraqi government.

The opposition expressed “disgust” at such deals and appealed to the UN Secretary General to warn UNAMI about its role and consequences in such plots and to oblige the agency to secure the minimum humanitarian needs in camp Liberty as stipulated by its mandate in the UN. These obligations and unfulfilled minimum requirements that are essential before any further move of convoys from Ashraf to Liberty, as indicated in the NCRI’s statement dated July 15, include:

1. Connecting Liberty to the city water network or to transfer from Ashraf the equipment necessary for pumping water from a river 150 meters from Liberty;

2. Transferring all the existing power generators in Ashraf, particularly the six main ones;

3. Transfer of six utility vehicles (water, sewage and fuel) to Camp Liberty which belonged to the fifth convoy;

4. Transfer of special vehicles for the disabled;

5. Transfer of five forklifts for carrying heavy loads that are now being carried on hand and shoulders of the residents;

6. Transfer of fifty passenger vehicles or alternatively suitable number of busses for 2000 people. (Previously thirty vehicles have been transferred for 1200 people);

7. Permission for constructions in Liberty including building pavements, porches, canopies, ramps, special facilities for the disabled and green area;

8. To solve the issue of selling the moveable and immovable property, allowing merchants or bidders to have access to Ashraf. • It should be reminded that the Government of Iraq refrains from returning two containers that contain the personal belongings of convoys 4 and 5, worth $120,000 that it had confiscated since three months ago. All these goods are legal and civilian and scores of them would be destroyed at 50 degrees Celsius heat that they are kept at.

Mr. Koblers passionate applause of “generous” achievements of the Iraqi government in the “Liberty” deal has now taken new meaning.

It seems the UN is finally providing its true shades to the world.


1-Iranian Intelligence plot Iraqi Hotel to relocate MEK members in Iraq

“This document stipulates that: “We (the Iraqi Government) put our conditions to members of the organization and want them to submit eventually…. In many cases the UN justifies Iraqi conditions and demands the members of PMOI to accept them, because Liberty is Just a transit location and their stay in there will be a short one.” Based on this document, the government of Iraq would complain that “not all of the UN mission are in total agreement with the government of Iraq, however, SRSG Mr. Kobler specifically agrees with all Iraqi government’s demands. We believe he does not want to oppose the Iraqi government and to obscure his relation with the Iraqi government for the sake of PMOI.” The PMOI has raised some demands “We show positive reaction to these demands to collaborate with the UN, but these demands will never be fulfilled. The Iraqi government and it’s negotiator have only agreed to discuss the minor and unimportant issues. The issues which do not have serious implications in the situation like field medical visits or delegations which are less important issues. The government of Iraq would react strongly to some of the demands posed by the residents…. the new camp should be based on the needs of the Iraqi government and not the needs of the members of the Organization, the Iraqi government will not relent from the main issues”.

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