David Letterman Smokes An Electronic Cigarette On National Television

The all new electronic cigarette was just seen being smoked by Katherine Heigl of the movie knocked up"

People all over the country just spotted a technology that most have never seen before. It is called the electronic cigarette and it is a tar free, odorless way to enjoy a smoke. It just had its first debut on the David Letterman show tonight when guest Katherine Heigl of the movie knocked up, pulled it out to tell Dave that she used it to quit smoking after all other quit smoking products failed. She took a few drags off of the electronic cigarette and then handed it over to Letterman himself so he could give it a try. He took a few puffs off of the unit and everyone was pretty astonished at what this product could do.

It is a rechargeable electronic smoking device that is just like smoking a real cigarette. Using a tar free and odorless nicotine vapor, we have given smokers the ability to enjoy a different type of smoke, a smoke that does not have many of the downfalls that a real cigarette does.” says a spokesperson from Electronic Cigarettes Inc.

With the electronic cigarette from Electronic Cigarettes Inc. you can choose your flavor, your level of nicotine, and even the style/color of the unit. Instead of tobacco, the ecigarette uses cartridges filled with a liquid nicotine solution that is vaporized instead of burned. Since there is no smell, it does not bother others, it does not ruin your clothes, or your furniture. It will never create any ashes, it does not leave behind nasty cigarette butts, smoke stained fingers, or bad breath. It never has to be lit, instead it just works when you activate it. Using a micro-sensor inside of the unit, it knows when a user is smoking and creates the vapor accordingly. The tip also lights up red, just like a real cigarette, everytime the unit is puffed.

The product has seen rapid growth throughout the United States since its arrival in early 2000. Smokers every day are making the switch from conventional cigarettes to the electronic cigarette because they are impressed by the innovation, the quality, and how it is just like smoking a real cigarette. People have been using them to smoke anywhere, including places that have banned traditional cigarettes. The product is gaining major momentum and has developed a huge following.

When asked about Katherine Heigls statement about how the product helped her quit smoking, Electronic Cigarettes Inc. replied: “We do not claim that it helps you quit smoking in any of our marketing. We are not allowed to do this, and we cannot control the claims made by celebrities on national television. What they are able to do with products that they purchase in their lives is up to them. We cannot be expected to regulate claims they make on their own. They are allowed to say what they want, and if an electronic cigarette helped them quit, then maybe it did. But we do not claim that it is a “quit smoking” product in any of our marketing so we can be in full accordance with any rules and regulations imposed on the electronic cigarette industry.”

You can view the youtube video of the clip from the letterman show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9obAKcKiQMs

If you are interested in more information regarding electronic cigarette, or if you would like to make a purchase, you can visit the Electronic Cigarettes Inc. website or call them at 1-877-324-4462

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